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Your Quick Guide to Water Softeners

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Water softeners are usually regarded as a luxury or an added expense that isn’t necessarily needed in your home. But what if we told you one of the significant long-term benefits is saving money, and at the end of the day, cleaner water?

At Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling we hate to see hard water go untreated. Hard water can be hard on your plumbing system and your appliances unless you use a water softener. Are you one of the people who ask “do I need a water softener?” Below is a guide that will introduce you to what hard water is, how to determine if you have hard water and more. This will help you learn whether or not water softeners are for you.

What is a Hard Water?

Hard water is water that hasn’t been touched by a chemical process. It is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium — these are quite beneficial minerals to our body, but they can cause damage to appliances that use water and items that are washed with the natural water.

Most people are put off from having hard water due to the scale build up in appliances and the plumbing system. One of the most general reasons for people wanting soft water is that hard water gives off a sulfuric smell that is due to the minerals found in the water. Hire our professional Bend plumbers, Eugene plumbers, Portland plumbers, and Salem plumbers for a professional water softener installation.

Signs You Need a Water Softener

  1. Dry, Itchy Skin
    As hard water contains excess amounts of calcium and magnesium, it’s not especially healthy to your skin or hair. These minerals can dry your skin out and clog your pores. Also, shampoos and soaps do not dissolve in hard water, leaving a residue on your skin instead of working with the water to nourish it.
  2. Dingy Clothes and Cloudy Dishes
    If your white clothes are taking on a subtle gray hue, and your colored shirts are looking faded, then you can blame it on hard water. Also, inspect your drinking glasses if they are clouded with a white film, if yes, then a water softener is your solution.
  3. Stains on Your Appliances
    Hard water can cause stains in your sinks and bathtubs, and it’s also due by the magnesium and calcium present in hard water. You can clean these stains away with vinegar, but to keep them from recurring, consider investing in a water softener.
  4. Low Water Pressure
    Hard water clogs your faucets and plumbing system with a deposit known as scale. Clogged drains result in lower water pressure. Not only is low water pressure is stressful, but it’s also costly.
  5. Strange Taste and Smell
    While there’s nothing risky or unhealthy about drinking hard water, there is a difference in taste and smell when comparing treated and untreated water. If you’ve been buying bottled water because your tap water doesn’t taste right, it may be time to get a water softener.

What is a Water Softener?

A water softener eliminates the minerals and ions from the hard water. It goes through a process known as an ion exchange. When you install a water softener, all of the negatives of hard water won’t happen again. You’ll have healthier skin, limescale won’t build up anymore, and there won’t be any further stains on your dishes, glasses, and clothes. If you need a repair or installation of water softener, don’t hesitate to call our Bellevue plumber, Seattle plumber, Spokane plumber, Tacoma plumber, and Vancouver plumber for an expert service.

Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling offer the best in line water softeners in Oregon, Washington, and Las Vegas, NV. Contact us to learn more about water softener options at 888-671-7767 or email [email protected]. We also provide residential and commercial plumbing, water heater, heating & cooling, and sewer & mainline services. You deserve the absolute best for your home and family.

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