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Types of HVAC Systems

Types of HVAC Systems Einstein Plumbing and HVAC Services in Oregon

Understanding the different types of HVAC systems allows you to decide efficiently before investing in your household fixtures.

Since paying thousands of dollars for household fixtures is a massive thing, trial-and-error is not an option anyone would like to take.

There are four common types of HVAC systems. Each is having distinct functions and advantages over each other.

Heat Pump

While the name suggests heating, a heat pump can also be used for cooling. The concept behind this system is similar to that of a refrigerator; by extracting cold air from an external source, it can convert the air to warm and release it to a room.

As for cooling, you need to reverse the system. This method will then expel the warm air outside and retain the cold air inside.

That being said, using a heat pump to cool a room cannot be as effective as those systems explicitly built for cooling.

Also, a heat pump is not ideal for large rooms, especially those that accommodate a great deal of population inside.

Rooftop Unit

In contrast to the heat pump system, Rooftop units are designed for large spaces such as apartment buildings, offices, and warehouses.

Since it provides heating or cooling large spaces, it also requires quite some space to install. It also involves ventilation to distribute the desired temperature.

Water Source Heat Pump

Although this is uncommon, a watercourse heat pump system is an efficient model for long-time temperature moderating.

Since it needs to be connected to a pool of water — a massive pool of water, many homeowners and businesses hesitate to use this.

If you are lucky enough to be located in an area where you can drill a hole through the ground and extract water reserves, then you are in luck.

Packaged HVAC

Similar to a rooftop unit, packaged HVAC systems use atmospheric air, which means it can be used outdoors. The only difference is that packaged units are designed for small and condensed rooms or areas.

Inquire a Plumber

When deciding to purchase and install an HVAC system to your home or business, it is best to call a professional to help you find the best type, brand, and model suited for both your needs and taste.

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