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Shower Head Cleaning Guide

Shower Head Cleaning Guide Einstein Pros Plumbing

Plumbing Guide: Cleaning a Shower Head

Showerheads are among the bathroom fixtures that require regular cleaning and maintenance. Because it is used more than once a day, it becomes prone to sediment and bacteria build-up. 

Cleaning shower heads allow water to flow freely by clearing away debris that could be blocking the holes from the shower. 

Not only this, but a clean shower head is also good for your family’s health. Allowing debris to build up in your shower head is allowing bacteria to multiply as well, and while you may not see it, bacteria build-up can be very toxic especially to children. 

Before you do anything, check if you can clean your shower head without removing it from the arm. If you clean it often, you won’t have to dismantle your system; however, if your showerhead has signs of sediment overgrow, then you might need to separate it from the arm. 

Wipe Away

The first thing you can do is to simply wipe the showerhead with a clean dry towel. Go as wild as you can, and don’t worry about leaving marks. The goal here is to remove as many clogs and debris as you can. 

Once you’re done, get a scrub or a sponge and add a bit of water and dishwashing soap. That way you can clear away any persistent debris that lingers around your shower head. You can also use an old brush to clean the small holes. 

Once everything is good, rinse and let it dry. Install firmly back to the arm, and turn on the water for at least 10 seconds to allow clearing of dirt and debris. 

Cleaning the Shower Head Without Dismantling

While most shower heads are manufactured to be installed by parts, there are a few models that are stuck to the arm. 

Worry not, because there is an easy DIY method to clean the showerhead. 

Step 1

Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and put it on top of the showerhead. Make sure that the tip of the showerhead touches the vinegar. Secure the placing by putting one or two rubber bands around the plastic bag and the arm. 

Let soak for at least an hour. 

Step 2

Remove the plastic bag and dispose of it. Using a small brush, scrub away the tip of the showerhead and around it, moving yourself to the arm. 

Step 3

Let water rinse for at least 10 seconds to flush away debris build-up. Conclude by wiping a soft clean cloth around the showerhead. 

Maintaining a clean shower head helps in avoiding expensive repairs and even prolongs the lifespan of your fixture. 

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