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7 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning Services

When going right, they’re hardly noticeable, but your drains can become a real pain when things start going wrong. Poor functioning or faulty drains give homeowners trouble all the time, but some homeowners choose to solve drainage problems on their own. While minor issues aren’t so bad, there are a few problems you shouldn’t take for granted. These seven signs you need drain cleaning services can help homeowners identify the issues that most certainly need professional attention.

Sign #1: Slow-Moving Drains

Slow-moving drains are one of the key signs of plumbing issues, and while some homeowners attempt to use drain cleaning products to fix their problems, these can often make matters worse. If objects are causing slow drains, a liquid drain cleaner won’t properly work and may even start to collect deep in the system. It’s best to call your plumber for more effective drain cleaning solutions.

Sign #2: Random Frequent Clogging

Homeowners who find themselves clearing out drain lines for the 3rd time in a week probably need more effective cleaning methods. Plumbing systems give clear and concise signs that it’s time for help, and random clogs occurring within a short enough time frame give homeowners a clear indication that it’s time for outside assistance. There could be millions of reasons for the clog, from residue that can’t break down to hard objects stuck deep within the system.

Sign #3: Foul Odors

Have you started noticing a very foul odor percolating in the home? If it’s not the garbage can, leftover food under the kid’s bed, or wet clothes that didn’t dry properly, check your sink drains. Even if drains operate as best as they can, foul odors indicate that food isn’t properly going down. There might be a buildup occurring that, over time, will lead to drainage issues. If this is the case, contact our plumbers in Portland, OR, for help!

Sign #4: Loud Gurgling Sounds

Loud noises are usually telltale signs of problems within drains, especially if they occur when flushing the toilet or simply washing dishes in the sink. Strange noises aren’t always a sign of problems, but sometimes those loud gurgling noises can get extremely annoying. As much as you’d want them to go away, they likely won’t be without professional attention.

Sign #5: Fruit Flies

Fruit flies? Fruit flies! These tiny bugs are more annoying than dangerous but can indicate problems within sink drains. If you don’t have a ton of fruits lying around, or if countertops are clean and rid of all leftover or excess foods, drains might be the culprit. Fruit flies track down food remnants no matter where they are, as do the Einstein Pros experts. Don’t just get rid of the fruit flies — get rid of the source that brings them there.

Sign #6: Water Backups

One of the biggest fears for many homeowners is walking into a bathroom or laundry room and seeing pooling, foul-smelling standing water in the area. Water backups aren’t just annoying to clean; they can lead to expensive repairs and even impact the structural integrity of your home. Your drain cleaning service should be called ASAP, as there’s likely a large enough clog affecting the washing machine, toilet, or shower drains. 

Sign #7: Multiple Clogged Drains

In the event of multiple drains clogging at once, problems with the main sewer line are likely the culprit. For so many to clog simultaneously, it can mean something big is blocking off the entire system. It could be a built-up combination of dirt and grime with accidental flushing of a children’s toy or something even bigger. No matter the reason, multiple clogged drains are a key sign that it’s time to call your local plumbing professionals. 

Push Drain Cleaning Problems to the Past With Einstein Pros

As our namesake once said, “peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” Drain cleaning problems are extremely stressful, but the only way to bring yourself peace is to understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what you can do to address the situation. 

With Einstein Pros, we follow the wise words of the physicist by providing homeowners with the answers they need. Our drain cleaning experts get down and dirty to prevent clogging, fruit flies, weird odors, and more! Discover what many Oregon homeowners have learned by contacting Einstein Pros today to solve all your drain cleaning difficulties!

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