Toilet Repair & Installation in Oregon

Toilet Troubles? We've Got You Covered!

Is your toilet driving you crazy? A leaky toilet, a constantly running fill valve, or a stubborn clog can quickly turn a minor annoyance into a major headache. Don’t worry – the expert plumbers at Einstein Pros are here to help. We’re your trusted partners for all your toilet repair and installation needs in Oregon.

New Toilet Installation Done Right

Thinking of upgrading your old, inefficient toilet? We’ll help you choose the perfect new toilet that fits your style, budget, and water-saving goals. Our experienced plumbers will handle the entire installation process, from removing your old toilet to connecting your new one, so you can relax and enjoy your upgraded bathroom.

Why Choose Einstein Pros for Your Toilet Needs?

  • Toilet Whisperers: We’ve seen it all when it comes to toilets – no problem is too big or too small for our team.
  • Upfront Pricing: No surprises here! We’ll provide a clear, upfront estimate before any work begins.
  • Quality Workmanship: We use top-quality parts and meticulous installation techniques to ensure your toilet functions flawlessly for years to come.
  • Your Satisfaction, Our Priority: Your happiness with our work is our ultimate goal. We’re not finished until you’re happy!

Toilet Repair Expertise That Makes a Splash

  • Leaks and Drips: We’ll track down that sneaky leak and fix it fast, saving you water and money.
  • Clogs and Blockages: Say goodbye to plunging and frustration. We’ll clear that clog and get things flowing again.
  • Running Toilets: That phantom flush is costing you. We’ll repair or replace faulty parts to restore quiet and efficiency.
  • Cracked Bowls or Tanks: Don’t let a damaged toilet ruin your day. We’ll assess the damage and recommend the best repair or replacement option.
  • Wobbly Toilets: A wobbly toilet is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to leaks. We’ll secure your toilet and ensure it’s level and stable.

Need Help with Your Toilet? Give Us a Call!

Whether your toilet needs a minor tweak or a major overhaul, Einstein Pros has the expertise to get the job done right. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule an appointment. We’ll have your toilet problems flushed away in no time!

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