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Winterize your Plumbing in Central Oregon

Winterize your Plumbing

Living in Central Oregon, winter storm planning is a necessary precaution. Fall is the perfect time to start your preparation for the impending Central Oregon winter.

Frosted or frozen water in pipes can destroy your plumbing from the inside out.

Winterize your Plumbing

As a preventive measure, it is necessary to take steps to protect your plumbing from the risks this season may bring. Being conscious of these risks and following some simple tips can save your home and wallet from a lot of stress.

Winter Storm Preparation Tips

Tip 1: Insulate your Pipes

One primary preventive measure you can take in securing your plumbing toward a cold winter is to guarantee that all exposed pipes are well insulated. Inspect the pipes in unheated areas (attic, basement, etc.) every few days to ensure no ice or frost.

Pipe insulation is cheap and simple to install. This tip can save you on heating costs as well because it’ll keep the warm air in.

Tip 2: Repair All Plumbing Leaks

The smallest leak in your plumbing can transform into a major problem when temperatures drop below freezing. Examine all exposed pipes, indoors and out, for plumbing leaks. If you left your pipes without checking them and the water freezes, the damage to the surrounding pipes is likely to be more vital.

Tip 3: Maintenance of Water Heaters

Water Heaters are necessary when the fall and winter season comes. Taking time to ensure that your water heater is correctly functioning will guarantee that it is in good shape. You cannot allow the water heater to break down when you needed it the most.

If you’re not experienced in checking your water heater, you can call our Bend plumbers in Central Oregon to check your water heater condition and winterize your plumbing.

Tip 4: Proper Disposal Usage

Oil, grease, and fats make your food tasty. They are also terrible for your drain. It’s even serious when it’s cold, making it more likely that oily substances will clog and harm the blades in your garbage disposal. Avoid starch or any food substance that expands with water; it’s also a bad idea to pour down the drain. This will help to winterize your plumbing.

Tip 5: Outdoor Hoses & Pipes

Remove residual water from hoses, spigots, and outdoor pipes, and eliminate garden hoses before the cold weather arrives. If a garden hose is left connected, frost can form, and pressure can build up in the water lines inside your home. Once this appears, a water line leak or break could occur and cause critical damage to your home.

To keep your home in Bend, OR, free from plumbing, water heater, sewer, and mainline problems this fall and winter, the best defense is to schedule an annual maintenance inspection.

Winterize your plumbing system today.

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