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When do you need an Air Conditioning Replacement for your home?

Air Conditioning Replacement

Installing an air conditioning system is an expensive investment.

Most of the air conditioning units do not last more than 10 years. If you are considering air conditioning replacement, several factors must be checked to lead to a wise decision.

Sometimes a minor troubleshoot of problem can avoid air conditioning replacement.

Whether you rent an apartment or live in a house of your own, heat in the living spaces is hard to bear.

In ideal conditions, the air conditioning unit should be energy efficient, maintain the required temperature and reduce humidity.

Above all, at the optimal temperature provided by the air conditioning unit, you must be able to sleep well on hot and humid days while enjoying the activities when you are awake.

In Central Oregon, the temperature keeps on varying and you cannot rely on an ineffective air conditioning unit.

Even if you keep having regular maintenance, it is quite possible that your air conditioner might not function well enough to keep your home cold on the hottest summer days.

Now, how you get to know that it is a small malfunctioning or you need an air conditioning replacement. Below is a good reading that will help you make a decision of repair or replacement of your air conditioning unit.

When To Get An Air Conditioning Replacement Guide?

Air Conditioning Life Span

The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is 10-15 years. If you have problems with the air conditioning unit and 10 years have passed, you should consider air conditioning replacement rather than spending money on repairs.

Increased heating and cooling costs

According to a rough estimate, heating and cooling costs are around 44% of all your utility costs.

You can imagine what residents around you in Central Oregon are paying if you are paying more than it is a definite time for air conditioning replacement.

You are not getting Cold air

No cold air from the air conditioning unit is a big sign that can lead to air conditioning replacement. There can be factors like a broken compressor or low Freon levels, resulting in hot air.

You can get a professional from Einstein Pros and get wise advice. Do not jump into buying a new unit until you have found the reason.

Air Flow is not good

The cool air may be there, but you have noticed that air-conditioning unit is not pushing air out the way it used to do before. A couple of things can lead to bad airflow.

There can be an issue with the compressor or blocked/damaged vents. You may get help from a professional, but the repairs can be quite expensive, and if your air conditioning unit is old, repairing will be an ongoing cost. In such a case, you should consider air conditioning replacement.

Excessive Moisture and Leakage around the Unit

It is normal to have condensation around the air conditioner, but excessive leakage and moisture depict a big problem. The refrigerant leak or water dripping down continuously from the unit is a serious concern.

Leaking coolant can be a source of health risk to you and your family. The water dripping can result in damage to the floor and furniture and also mold growth. You must call for help from Einstein pros and get expert advice.

Excessive noise and dust

The constant rattling, banging, squealing, and other noises from your air conditioning unit is not a good indication. The noises reflect a serious issue, and you must get your unit checked by an expert.

Belt slipping, broken motor bearings, leaks in the ductwork can be a few of the issues. If you do not get them resolved, you will have to go for an air conditioning replacement in few days.

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