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What Is a Fatberg?

What is a Fatberg, and Why You Should Care

Why Should You Care about Fatberg?

Imagine the big pile of sediments and other wastes that have built up and clogged your sewer line. Now, imagine how much waste goes through a city’s sewerage every day?

With all the solid waste made up of grease, oil, and concealed fat mixed together with tissue paper and wet wipes, there is bound to be a big massive chunk of sediment build-up. 

This fast-growing infestation is a problem most cities in the U.S., Great Britain, and Australia have been experiencing for years. 

That is why it is important to be aware of such a plumbing issue to help your local sewerage and directly save your household fixtures from early deterioration and replacement. 

What is Fatberg?

A fatberg can be described as a massive solid build-up of wastes consisting of sediments and objects being flushed down the drain or the toilet. 

Fatbergs are extremely hard to fix and can cause massive damages to the city sewerage and bring health risks to the people. 

It takes an entire team of plumbers and weeks to get rid of a fatberg fully. In New York City, the city government spends around $4.7 million a year to clear the massive chunk of build-up in the sewerage. 

How to Prevent Fatbergs from Forming?

It is important to know what should never go down the drain nor the toilet. Since fatbergs are the massive build-up of sediments, preventing them from forming could be achieved by imposing discipline in households. 

Throw Oil in the Garbage Bin

Instead of throwing cooking oil down the drain, could you wait for it to cool off? Once it solidifies, you can scrape it right off with plastic or paper before disposing of it in the garbage bin.

What Should Not Get Flushed

It is good to have a garbage bin inside your bathroom. That way, instead of flushing tissue paper, wet wipes, cotton balls, and other materials down the toilet, you can dispose of it properly without causing harm to your sewer line. 

Not only can these reminders help prevent fatberg build-up, but they can also prevent the build-up from your drains and pipelines. 

Since clogging is a common plumbing issue in most American homes, carefully understanding how to prevent a fatberg is a favor for your household fixtures, as well. 

We, at Einstein Pros, care for quality plumbing. Household owners deserve to know the things that can be causing harm to their fixtures, as well as methods to prevent issues. 

In our 24 years of service, we have provided 100% satisfaction to all our customers, guaranteeing that we deliver effective service and serve with a customer-friendly personality. 

When dealing with household plumbing issues such as clogged drains and pipes, pipe replacement, and general maintenance, then Einstein Pros has the perfect team for you. Call us now to book an appointment. 

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