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Water Heater Failure During Winter

Water Heater Failure During Winter - Einstein Pros Plumbing and HVAC Services

Having a cold climate can be damaging for water heaters and it only gets worse during the winter season.

Water Heater Failure Guide

When cold water enters the heating system, the performance of the fixture becomes less effective, and when fixtures do not function well as they are meant to be, their lifespan decreased tremendously.

This is because water entering the house can drop by 25 degrees colder during the cold months, and due to that, the water heater needs to work twice as hard on a normal day.

Signs of Water Heater Problems


Not just during winter, but a leak is a problem that you do not want your water heater to experience. A leak is a clear indication to replace the water heater and can be caused by a variety of reasons.

However, during winter a leak in the water heater is mainly due to the extra effort it does that leads to constantly expanding and contracting the system. When this occurs, cracks and other damages to the system happens.

Increase in the Energy Bill

Since the water heater is doing more work than usual, it is expected that the amount of energy it needs greatly increases as well.

When this happens, the water heater is probably in a lot of stress and needs additional maintenance to avoid big damages.

Weak Water Pressure

There are two possible reasons for this:

        Frozen Pipes – Due to the extreme drop in climate, cold pipes can lead to freezing water and creating a block for water to enter the heating system.

        Sediment Buildup – Because of the additional effort that the heating system is putting to warm the water, debris and other sediments begin to accumulate at the bottom of the heater. When this happens, the water heater needs to exert its capacity to maximum level until it drains it out completely.

It is important to keep your water heater in check during winter as many issues often occur during the winter season.

When dealing with water heater problems in winter, it is a good option to call Einstein Pros. We are a trusted plumbing company in Bend, Oregon that caters to both residential and commercial areas. We provide water heater installation, repair and maintenance, and parts replacement services. Call us now to book an appointment.

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