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Why You Need a Water Filtration System in Your Home

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Clean Water is Essential for Your Health

Why Water Filtration System is beneficial

Humans need three basic resources to sustain life on Earth – food, water, and shelter. Without water, however, food and shelter are not possible. Water is ultimately what sustains the food we eat and the roofs over our heads.

Each and every day most of us take for granted the water we consume and that is the lifeblood of everything around us. As our population continues to grow and our climate changes, the demands we place on our water resources become increasingly stressed. In some parts of the world, we have reached the point where water is unsafe for consumption. Even here in the United States, places like Flint, Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona have suffered the real effects of water contamination from chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. It is for these reasons that installing a quality water filtration system in your home is worth the investment to protect your loved ones and the environment as well.

Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration System

Health Benefits

Even if you live in an area where the water is said to “pure,” there are almost certainly contaminants in the water supply that can be harmful to your health. If consumed in large quantities over time, these contaminants can cause cancer, nervous system disorders, digestive system disruption, immune system depletion and major health complications for young children and the elderly.

By installing either a full or point of origin water filtration in your home, you can be sure the water you use to drink, cook, clean and bathe will lack harmful substances like chlorine, arsenic, aluminum, fluoride, lead and other harmful chemicals detrimental to your health.

If you the water you consume lacks these toxins, you’ll be able to see the health benefits firsthand. Consistently drinking filtered water helps with weight loss, detoxification, skin and hair hydration, and nutrient absorption to name a few. Studies show that you’ll also likely notice an increase in energy and the ability to focus as well.

Artificial Alkaline Water vs. Filtered Water

When most people hear the term alkaline water, they quickly associate its consumption with a healthy alternative to tap water. What they fail to realize, however, is that there is a significant difference between natural and artificial alkaline water. Artificial alkaline water is electronically ionized and when consumed, the body thinks it’s receiving the appropriate amount of naturally occurring alkaline substances like magnesium and calcium. Unfortunately, the ionization process removes most if not all of these healthy compounds.

If consumed on a regular basis, artificial alkaline water neutralizes many of the bacteria found in the small intestine that are essential for digestive and overall health. When this happens, side effects like anxiety, hypertension, irregular heartbeat, abdominal pain, and urinary tract infections present themselves. Due to the potential health risks, drinking filtered water is a much wiser choice than alkaline water that has likely been electronically manipulated.

Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water

Let’s say you don’t trust your tap water and instead purchase bottled water. You’re not just paying for the water, but the plastic it comes in as well. The production of the plastic used in bottled water consumed by Americans in a single year alone consumes 17 million barrels of oil and transporting bottled water is estimated to produce 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide. Not only does bottled water have a devastating effect on the environment, but the cost is passed along to the consumer as well.

From a health standpoint, bottled water is far from perfect. The plastic is made from a chemical called bisphenol-A that has been directly linked to cancer, early puberty, obesity, and mental and emotional developmental problems.

While bottled water may seem like a convenient, cost-effective and healthy alternative, a one-time investment in a water filtration system is unarguably a better choice.

For most, installing a full or point of origin filtration system in their home may seem excessive. They can be costly and you likely feel that your hard-earned money can be spent better elsewhere.

Though not everyone who uses water straight from the faucet will be prone to the adverse effects caused by the 2,100 toxins known to be found in tap water, bottled water or alkaline water, installing a water filtration system can go a long way in ensuring the health of you, your loved ones and the environment. Call your local Einstein Pros to handle the job in Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

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