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Tips to Help Save Money on Plumbing and HVAC Fixtures

Tips to Help Save Money on Plumbing & HVAC Fixtures - Einstein Plumbing Services Oregon

Plumbing repairs and maintenance can be a bit expensive. Not just that, but the constant need for the use of household fixtures and HVAC units can also take a toll on your utility expenses. 

But, don’t worry! You can do a few things as a homeowner to significantly save money your monthly plumbing expenses. 

Plumbing & HVAC Save Money Tips

Inspect Leaks

Leaks are common household plumbing problems. Anyone can experience this problem. Most of the time; however, it goes unnoticed. 

It can occur in the bathroom, the kitchen, or even outdoors. It is highly advised to have a regular routine of checking on your pipes, connectors, and plumbing fixtures to check for signs of leaks. 

Doing this can have a major impact on your water bill. 

Update Your Faucets

The amount of water passing through your faucet is important. The stronger the pressure, the more water it produces. 

Up-to-date faucets have water pressure control features that can help you govern the amount of water that you are using. 

Replace Air Conditioning Filters

Air conditioner filters can accumulate dust and dirt quickly. When this continues, a blockage happens, decreasing the effectiveness of your unit. 

It is advisable to replace the filters every quarter of the year for high efficiency. 

Update Your Water Heater

Water heaters can last up to 20 years, but it is not advisable to keep them that long. Old water heaters tend to attract a variety of issues and function weaker and weaker every year. 

Pour Hot Water down the Drain Daily

Kitchen drains and pipes can accumulate sediments such as oil, grease, dirt, and food waste. Sediment build-up can cause clogging and even leaks if this problem is not solved immediately. 

To prevent this, pouring hot water down the drain on a daily basis can help decrease the chances of a build-up. 

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