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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

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Replacing my Water Heater? Have you ever thought about how important hot water is in your daily life?  You need it to shower, do your laundry, wash your dishes and keep you warm. 

Even though our ancestors had to go to great lengths to get hot water, it’s a convenience that we take for granted in the 21st century.  Could we survive without it? 

Probably.  But would not having it be a major inconvenience?  Most definitely.  That’s why it’s important to not only perform regular maintenance on your hot water heater, but to be able to recognize the signs when it’s not functioning as it should. 

If you notice any of the problems below, it’s a sure sign you need to address the issue right away.


It’s no secret that leaks anywhere in your plumbing system are never a good sign.  This is especially true when it comes to your hot water heater.  If you start to notice damp spots around your tank, it’s a sign that the unit might be corroding on the inside, or have a crack caused by sediment buildup.  If you notice a leak, check the connective valves around your water heater to make sure they’re watertight.  If you can’t find anything too obvious, drain the tank and clean out all the sediment. 

Not Enough Hot Water

The job you ask of your hot water heater is demanding.  Between everyone taking a shower and running your dishwasher or washing machine, you expect it to deliver hot water on a moment’s notice.  If you find that you regularly run out of hot water, your tank might be too small too small to meet your demands.  If this is the case, you need to replace it with a larger one.


If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t looked at the label on your water heater to see how old it is.  Most water heaters are guaranteed for 10 to 12 years.  If your tank is older than that, it’s susceptible to things going wrong.  If you find yourself having to get things fixed on a regular basis, it might be best to just bite the bullet and replace it.

Strange Noises

Water heaters aren’t completely silent, but they aren’t supposed to sound like an orchestra either.  If you start to notice grumbling noises when you turn on your hot water, you’re probably looking at sediment buildup in your water heater.  When this starts to happen, you need to shut off your water completely, drain the tank and get the sediment cleaned out.

Rust in Your Water

Rust in your water is never a good sign.  Not only does it mean your water heater isn’t working right, it can pose grave danger to your health.  As water heaters age, they develop corrosion on the inside and you end up with rust.  The moment you start to notice discoloration in your water or a metallic taste, you need to have your water heater replaced. 

Inconsistent Temperature

Have you ever been in the middle of a shower, enjoying the stream of hot water running down your body when all of a sudden it turns cold?  This can happen if you’re running other water appliances like your sprinkler system or washing machine.  But if it happens frequently, there’s a good chance your water heater can no longer keep up with its demands and needs to be replaced.  If you’re lucky, you might just need to replace the heating element but in most cases, it’s probably time for a new tank altogether. 

Increased Utility Bills

There’s no question that your utility bills are going to be higher in the winter than they are in the summer.  This is especially true if you live in a part of the country where temperatures get below freezing during the cold months.  If you notice an abnormal jump in your bills at any time of the year however, your water heater might be working harder than it should be to do its job.  Even though you’re probably tempted to hang on to your tank as long as you can, your best bet is to have it inspected by an Einstein Pro.  They will provide you an accurate assessment of the state of your existing tank and your best options if it’s time to replace it. 

Losing hot water is never fun.  After all, it’s a luxury you rely on every day for cooking, cleaning and keeping you warm.  Even if you’re diligent about maintaining your hot water heater, there comes a point when you’re left with no other choice but to replace it.  The good news is that your local Einstein Pros are experts in Oregon, Washington and Nevada are repairing and replacing water heaters that are past their prime.  If you notice any of the problems mentioned above, pick up the phone and give our professional plumbers a call before your problems get worse. 

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