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Plumbing Safety Tips for every Homeowner

Plumbing Safety Tips

Plumbing Safety Tips and Guide for your home.

As a homeowner, you’re obligated and responsible for maintaining everything in your home; this includes the plumbing, water heater, sewer, and mainline system and its fixtures.

Before starting any do-it-yourself projects or repairs, it is a good idea to learn first some plumbing safety basics.

Avoid injury and complete your projects successfully and safely by following some basic safety methods and precautions.

These plumbing safety tips for every homeowner should be followed when doing any project.

Plumbing Safety Tips


  • Check first your local building and plumbing codes and laws before starting your plumbing project. Distinguish what work you can do yourself and what work will need a professional. If required, get a permit for your plumbing project.
  • Protect your Eyes. Make sure you have the proper safety glasses when doing any plumbing work. Mainly work such as hammering, drilling, sawing, filing down a pipe, or even snaking a drain, you want to ensure that there is no possibility of something flying up into your eyes when least expected.
  • Cover your Hands. Similar to your eyes, your hands should also be protected at all times. Wear appropriate work gloves, as your hands may encounter chemicals from drain cleaners and materials you might find within pipes. When using a drain machine of any kind, it is best to wear latex gloves under leather gloves to protect you from germs normally found in sewer lines.
  • Protect your Lungs. Wear a face mask when working in areas that expose your lungs to dust or chemicals.
    Collaborate with a Partner. Having a partner will make the project much easier and safer. An extra set of eyes and hands can only make the situation safer and more productive.


  • Misuse or Abuse Tools. Each tool has a particular purpose. Know the value of the right tool as it makes the job easier, faster, and safer. Always inspect tools before handling and guarantee that they’re used only for their intended purposes.
  • Ignore Smell of Gas. If you inhale gas or suspect a gas leak, stop what you are doing right away. If it is secure to do so, turn off the gas, and call your gas company. Don’t risk finding the gas leak yourself.
  • Risk and Take Chances. If there’s something you’re unsure of, don’t risk and take a chance. Instead, call your trusted local plumber — Einstein Pros Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, to take care of it for you. Getting help from a professional plumber beats calling one later to repair a mistake that didn’t need to be made.

Secure your family and your home in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada in their best condition by keeping these tips in mind whenever you’re planning to do your plumbing maintenance and repairs.

But don’t tackle a larger task on your own, you may end up doing more harm than good. If you require the help of an experienced plumbing team, be sure to call Einstein Pros Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling at 888-671-7767.

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