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Best Tips on How to Solve Low Water Pressure Problems

Low Water Pressure Problems

Ever experience a toilet that takes forever to fill up, that has low water pressure problems, a showerhead hardly putting out any water or a washing machine that takes days to fill up?

If you do, you, my friend, are suffering from a low water pressure problem. Luckily, there are some simple tips on how to fix this.

Low water pressure can be a problem that makes most everyday tasks difficult. It can be caused by some issues in your home’s plumbing system and fixing it can sometimes be manageable, but first, you will have to troubleshoot low water pressure in and around your house.

The initial thing you have to do is to check if the low water pressure is affecting your whole house or if it occurs in a specific fixture. If it’s the latter one, then focus on fixing that particular plumbing fixture.

Fixture-Specific Low Water Pressure Problems

1. Showerhead

If a showerhead has low water pressure, but there is plenty of water coming out in another section of the house, then it may just be that the showerhead is clogged up with hard water deposits. You can resolve this by replacing or cleaning the showerhead. Unscrew the showerhead and turn on the valve and divert it to the showerhead to flush out any debris. If you’ve noticed varying flow from each hole in the showerhead, the buildup is likely the problem.

2. Bathroom Faucet

Usually, the reason behind the low pressure in faucets is the clogged aerator. You can quickly check it by unscrewing the nozzle and search for signs of a clog. The aerator may need to be cleaned or replaced (which is very expensive.) Before you screw the aerator back on, turn on the faucet to make sure you’ve identified the issue.

If low pressure continues despite the absence of the aerator, it can indicate a clog somewhere in the line leading to the sink. Clogs found deep in the pipe are best handled by a professional plumber.

3. Toilet

Slow filling toilets are a frequent issue and most times just replacing the fill valve can fix it. To test if the problem is at the fill valve, turn off the angle stop to shut off the water to the toilet.

Detach the upper part of the flex line of the toilet and point it into a bucket. Then, turn on the angle stop and check the pressure going into the fill valve. If the water pressure is sufficient enough then either disconnect and clean the fill valve or replace it (replacing it may be your best option.)

Whole-House Low Pressure

If it’s a neighborhood-wide problem, the solution might be to install a water pressure booster. It will improve water pressure as it travels from the mainline into your home. But if the low pressure is only in your home, the problem is likely a pressure-reducing valve that is installed to control residential water pressure.

A professional plumber can assist you by increasing pressure limits on the regulator.

Another possibility for this issue is a water leak in the mainline. Inspect your home for signs of leaks, and contact a professional plumber as soon as you find one.

Boost Your Water Pressure

Whether your low water pressure problems only occur in a particular room or plumbing fixture, or worse yet, if they affect your entire plumbing system, you shouldn’t live with it.

Although there are many home maintenance tips here to help you troubleshoot and fix low water pressure problems, it never hurts to trust a plumbing professional who can quickly recognize the cause and implement the proper solution.

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