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Water Heater Replacement: How to Know if You Need One?

How to Know If You Need Water Heater Replacement Einstein Pros Plumbing

Many household owners in Vancouver, Washington see water heater’s as a dependable investment to their homes. 

It keeps routines and chores in order and at ease. From showering to laundry, and washing dishes. Everything seems easier with a water heater. 

Seeing that it is a very dependable tool, we would want to keep it working for as long as we can. But knowing its limit is important to maintain cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. 

Old Water heater Models

Water heaters should be able to run smoothly for eight to ten years, and if maintained well, it can serve you up to 15 years, but let us be serious, should you be keeping a water heater that long?

Plumbers advise homeowners to check the label that is usually located below water heaters. The date of creation is usually written in digit format and from there you can count how long the model has been with you. 

When you are experiencing redundancy in minor problems from your boiler, it is probably time to replace the old thing. 

Deterioration often occurs at around year 10, even if you flush and troubleshoot it every year, it is bound to experience problems like water pressure issues, sediment build-up, and leaks after a decade of use. 

Another indication you can notice is that there are water discoloration and sediments in your water. When heater systems age, so does everything else inside. Nodes and valves will start to decay or rust, pipes will deteriorate, and connectors become loose. 

This makes tiny particles flow along the water exiting through the shower, drains, and faucets. Sediment build-up is also a clear indication that a leak will occur soon. 

A leak in your water heater system is the most critical issue you should take seriously. This simply means that the entire system is about to collapse and cost you thousands for repair. It’s better to buy a new model right?

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