Do’s and Don’ts for Hiring an Emergency Tacoma Plumber

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Even if you take great care of your home in Tacoma, Washington, you can still have a plumbing emergency at some point. Backed up systems and burst pipe can do more than just ruin your day, they can also cause lasting damage to your home, which is why it is important to act with these emergencies promptly and professionally. In most cases, this will mean hiring an emergency Tacoma plumber.

Hiring a plumber is never a simple task, but the stress can be even more complicated when you’re trying to find someone to work with an emergency situation. That’s why we have put together these Do’s and Donts to help you ensure that you hire the licensed and qualified emergency Tacoma plumber.

Do: Shut off Your Water

If you’re having water leak into your home that causing flood inside your home, you should shut-off the source of that leak before you try to hire a plumber. Even the most efficient plumber could take hours to reach your property, by which point the leak may have caused costly damage. Some homes have an emergency water shut-off valve attached to the water meter. Once the water is shut-off, and the leak is inactive, you will have more time to find the right emergency Tacoma plumber for the job.

Don’t: Call the First Name in the Phonebook or Internet

An emergency mostly means you are in a hurry, but if you open up google or other search engines and choose the first emergency Tacoma plumber, you and your bank account could end up disappointed. You may need to start with searching the net, but from there do your best to read reviews, ask neighbors or friends, and dig deep into the plumber’s history before calling them up. If it’s in the midst of the night, you might not be able to call your friends for recommendations, but you can still do your best online.

Do: Call Your Regular Plumber First

If you had a reliable and trusted Tacoma plumber, then good for you. Not all plumbing company are on call for 24-hours, but those that are not may be able to suggest a local Tacoma emergency plumber. Give your regular plumber a call before you try anyone else.

Don’t: Hesitate to Use Technology for Recommendations

Not only can the internet be an abundance of information on emergency plumbers, but you can also use it to explore your social media network for suggestions. As a homeowner, chances are you have friends or neighbors who have experienced their own Tacoma plumbing emergencies. Use Twitter or Facebook to ask your local network for recommendations.

Do: Ask About the Price

Most of the plumbers will not be able to give you a quote over the phone without being able to assess the condition in person. Still, you should feel free to explain the problem as best as you can and ask for an estimate. They may give you a large range, but at least you can have some idea what to expect before the plumber shows up on your property.

Don’t: Expect for a Discount

Looking and hiring for an emergency plumber is going to be more expensive than hiring someone for a routine maintenance and you should prepare for that. If you are unlucky enough of having a plumbing emergency on the weekend, during a holiday, or in the heart of the night, you may find yourself paying a surcharge for service.

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