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Getting a Sewer Service Estimate

Getting a Sewer Service Estimate Guide

Before a plumber inspects your sewer line, they start by providing a service quote, which is usually given after asking a few questions to the homeowner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you experiencing sewage backups whenever you flush the toilet?
  • Does your sewage backup have a foul odor?
  • Are your sinks draining slowly?
  • Is there unexplained water in your yard?
  • Are there molds in your home?
  • Have you experienced a broken sewer before?

By providing answers to these questions, the plumber or plumbing company can determine if the problem is in the sewer line and will suggest a scheduled appointment immediately. 

A broken sewer line is labeled as an emergency and should be solved at the earliest time possible. 

Field Inspection

After scheduling an appointment, a plumber of a team of plumbers will arrive at your home to inspect the severity of the problem. 

There are some scenarios where the problem is not critical and may only need general repair services. 

However, is the plumber sees that the sewer line does have damage, then here is what will happen next:

Explain the Findings

Just like a doctor, plumbers will narrate in detail the issues they found and the procedure necessary to solve the problem. 

Most plumbers provide options for you to choose from. Since most homeowners are not keen on the idea of replacing parts or the entire system, plumbers also give the option of a full sewer line repair. Depending on the situation; however, this is not always an option. 

Provide Pricing Options

After laying down the options available, the plumber will not give you an estimate as to how much it will cost to complete the repair. Here the plumber will also explain how long the repair will finish. 

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