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3 Alternative Heating and Cooling Systems

Three Alternative Heating and Cooling Systems

Brands in the HVAC industry are getting more and more competitive by the year. This means there are constant development and redevelopment of products going on behind the scenes. 

While the traditional set of HVAC units is not falling behind effectiveness, there are alternative HVAC options that might pique your interest. 

Radiant Heating

This type of heating system does not come cheap. Deciding to install a radiant heating system is not a trial and error investment. 

However, if you are building a new home or renovating, this option might be perfect for your heating needs. 

By installing thermal tubes below the floor or behind walls, you allow high levels of energy efficiency to revolve around your home. Radiant flooring is an example of this type of heating, and currently, it is growing in demand in American homes. 

Evaporative Coolers

For households located in dry climate areas, an evaporative cooler may fit perfectly in your home. That being said, those living in humid areas may want to stay away from this option. 

Evaporative coolers are known for their eco-friendly function since it uses natural water, instead of chemical refrigerants. 

Additionally, an Evaporative cooler has a lower energy consumption compared to traditional coolers, meaning you will be paying less in utilities. 

Solar Space Heaters

Among all alternatives, solar space heaters are the most affordable to install and are also the most efficient system in the market. Historically speaking, they have known as a convenient heater for small spaces. However, these advantages do not come without risks. If left unattended and is placed near flammable objects, there is a high chance of starting a fire hazard with this system. 

When deciding which HVAC system is best for your home, it is ideal to ask professionals for a piece of advice before making a huge investment. 

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