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Grease Is Clogging My Kitchen Drain

Grease Is Clogging My Kitchen Drain - Einstein Plumbing & HVAC Services in Oregon

A kitchen drain clogged by grease is relatively hard to clean; however, it is possible, and it is preventable.

Greasy drains are one of the most common plumbing problems in the kitchen, and they can also cause a series of other problems such as decay, foul odor, and leaks if not dealt with immediately.

Grease in Kitchen Drain Can Be Unhygienic

Grease accumulation not only produces an awful odor throughout the kitchen, but it can also attract rodents and insects into the house.

This can lead to serious health risks for the family members, especially for children who are prone to getting sick.

Where Can You Find Grease Accumulation?

Grease can accumulate in various parts of the kitchen fixture system, such as the drain, sink, and pipeline; however, the often neglected part is the sink trap.

Located at the bottom of the pipe, water gradually becomes cold and starts to solidify oil and grease as it becomes exposed to air.

Avoid Chemicals

A quick and easy fix is another term for chemicals. While they can do the job, it is highly suggested to avoid using them.

Chemicals can not only melt away sediment build-up, but they can also melt certain layers of the pipeline, gradually deteriorating it every use.


Use Quality Dishwashing Soap

There are dishwashing soaps that prevent grease build-up. This feature breaks down grease components, so it does not solidify with water.

Pour Hot Water Down the Drain

Every time you wash the dishes, prepare at least a liter of hot water to pour down the drain. This helps melt the grease and oil build-up at the drain and along the pipeline.

When to Call a Professional?

Even after all precautions and grease build-up still finds its way into your kitchen sink, then it’s probably time to call a plumber.

There might be other problems causing the clog, and without the right tools and experience, you can be causing more damage to the system.

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