When Do You Need A Water Heater Replacement?

When Do You Need A Water Heater Replacement

Deciding whether your water heater needs repair or replacement is trick decision. 

When Do You Need A Water Heater Replacement? is typical question faced by homeowners. If your water heater is leaking or not heating up, you may think that you should look for a plumber for repair. But, sometimes a repair may not last long and you end up losing money on repair cost. The life expectancy of water heater ranges to eight to twelve years. The life expectancy is different as it depends on quality of installation, the unit design, and water quality and maintenance schedule. If your water heater is more than 10 years old and it is malfunctioning due to leaks around the base of tank then it is time for replacement.

Many homeowners have to bear high energy costs due to malfunctioning of water heater. It is wise to go for water heater replacement if you observe water leaks around the base of tank.

At times, troubleshooting and water heater repair can save your existing water heater. Before calling a plumber for replacement, it is essential to check for electrical problem. You might have small problem such as blown fuse or tripped breaker. Calling a plumber for regular water heater maintenance can extend the life of your water heater and some minor repairs such as replacing pressure relief valve or the heating element.

Points to consider which depict that You Need A Water Heater Replacement?

If you have decided to replace your water heater, an easy option is to replace with the same unit as you were using before. If you were not satisfied the results or you want to upgrade your unit, you can upgrade to larger tank or a tankless heater. When searching for a water heater, consider these points:

  • Gallon Capacity: A capacity of 40-gallon to 50-gallon is commonly used. 
  • Dimensions: You must consider the space that you will allocate for your water heater. Calculate the width and height of the space where you intend to install the unit. 
  • Energy Efficiency Ratings: Going through the sticker on the side of unit will show you the estimated annual cost of operating the unit. You can save energy costs and save energy with high efficiency models.
  • Recovery Rate: You should consider the number of gallons that will be heated in an hour.

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