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Water Pressure is Too Strong

Water Pressure is Too Strong Home Tips Einstein Pros Plumbing

While having a water pressure is too strong isn’t a common problem, it is one of the contributors to bigger issues like deterioration, pipe damage, and leaks.

Strong water pressure is also cost-inefficient and can drag you to a very expensive water bill.

The recommended maximum of water supplied by the city water supplier to the residential area is 80 psi; however, businesses with high elevation can request higher ranging from 100 psi to 150 psi.

When water pressure exceeds 80 psi it can lead to pipe stress which often leads to leaks in pipes as well as shortening the lifespan of your household fixtures.

Causes of Water Pressure is too strong

When there are tall buildings or fire hydrants around your area, the water company could be supplying high water pressure to meet the needs of your town.

If this is the reason for high water pressure, then it is out of your control. What you can do as a homeowner is to regulate the water pressure from within your home.

Another possible cause is that your valves are not well adjusted. A simple solution to this problem is to simply check your valves and adjust them to your desired pressure level.

Strong Water Pressure Damages

When water pressure is strong it puts a lot of stress on your pipes; however, even appliances and fixtures connected to the waterline can also be damaged.

When dealing with strong water pressure at home, it is best to consult a professional plumber on the next steps to avoid damages and higher utility bills.

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