Common Problems with Water Heaters Salem Oregon

Water heaters can serve us for many, many years especially if it is properly installed, used, and maintained. However, there are some troubles that may come along the way that require repair or maybe even simple DIY interventions. The following are the just among the common problems with water heaters Salem Oregon:

  • Worn out heating system — With frequent and long-term use, the heating system will eventually wear off producing unheated water or not with your preferred hotness. The problem could either be the thermostat itself, the heating element or the thermal switch.
  • Piling debris and sediments – Grains of sands and minerals pile up in the water tank overtime. When debris accumulates, it could hinder the function of the heating system.
  • Damaged tube – If the dip tube is damaged, the cold water that gets into the tank won’t be able to go down to be heated. As a result, you cold water on top gets released first.

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