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Types of Radiator Heaters for Winter

Types of Radiator Heaters for Winter Einstein Pros

Radiator heaters for winter serve to be very crucial for American homes during the cold season. It is one of the oldest and most effective ways of drawing heat to warm up the house. 

Radiator Installation 

Getting a radiator installed, or replacing an old one is a task that takes only a few hours for a professional. 

There are numerous amounts of the component needed to install a heating system, and this task is definitely not a DIY project.

The process includes wiring, piping, and setting up the system. In this series of complicated tasks, it is best to let the pros handle it. 

Types of Radiator Heaters for Winter

Baseboard Radiator Heaters for Winter

Perfect to stands as an all-around radiator for homes, baseboard radiator is compact and uses water as a factor in heating. 

By heating a coil and copper wires, the heat from the boiled water is carried around the room while cool air is drawn into the radiator and heated. 

A perfect hybrid for homeowners who are looking for space-saving models.

Cast Iron Radiator Heaters for Winter

In contrast to baseboard radiators, cast iron is large and heavy, which is good for keeping warm air for a very long time. 

A downside of this type of radiator; however, is that it takes a long time to heat, but once you get the desired temperature, it will take time to cool down. 

Cast iron radiators are also good investments for their highly strong materials that make them long-lasting.  

Column Radiator Heaters for Winter

The most common type of water heater is the column type. Similar to baseboard radiators, this type also takes heat from hot water or steam to distribute equally around the room. 

While cast iron heats air longer, column radiators affect a larger surface area when heating a room. 

However, a column radiator needs regular maintenance and cleaning to avoid sediment build-up and deterioration. 

Panel Radiators for Winter

Designed to be quiet and sleek, panel radiators are made of thin slices of metal that function to heat water and let the steam flow with ease. 

Because of its lightweight design, panel radiators can be mounted onto walls and even ceilings, and because it does not heat to the maximum temperature, it allows homeowners to safely touch it without being burnt. 

When dealing with home heaters and radiators, Einstein Pros have the right team to help you. We provide various solutions to the freezing breeze of winters such as radiator heater installation, general repair, and parts replacement in Bend, Oregon. Call us now to book an appointment. 

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