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Top Water Heater Problems to Fix Immediately

Top Water Heater Problems to Fix Immediately Einstein Pros Plumbing

Water heaters play a vital role in keeping everyday routines in order. More importantly for big and busy households, water heaters draw the line between convenience and hassle days.

While there are a number of common problems for water heaters, there are a few critical issues that need your immediate attention before things get disastrous. 

Water Heater Problems : Fluctuations, Overheating, and Irregular Temperature 

If your water heater is showing problems with the exhaust system, it is important to check the air supply or troubleshoot the ventilation. This often leads to problems in the temperature gauge and even causes irregularities in the heating process. 

While this does not automatically state that there are gas leaks or electrical malfunctions, it can point out that there may be problems with your piping or wiring. Best to check it out to be safe. 

If you can identify where this gas is coming from, it is best to shut off the system and create homemade patches to create temporary remedies. Then, call in your plumber! 

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that taps should always be running without obstruction. Maladjustments in the thermostat can lead to fluctuations and changing temperature levels. Make sure that your adjustments are appropriate. 

Water Heater Problems : Discoloration and Foul Odor 

Water from heaters may often become discolored or filled with sediments. The discoloration can range from cloudy to light yellow to dark brown color. At times, customers have reported noticing black or white particles.

Water discolor or foul odor is an indication of many dangerous issues that could be happening inside your water heater. 

Before things get messy, call in the experts!

Water Heater Problems : Buzzing Sounds and Other Noises

Breaking the silence means breaking the peace. For water heaters, this is a major concern. There could be a lot of indications for gigantic problems if there is noise coming from your model; chances are the fan could have collected a lot of dust and other debris or other more problematic issues. 

A regular blower can help clear away the dust or other debris from your water heater. 

Einstein Pros provides a variety of solutions for critical water heater problems including water temperature repair, water discoloration, and leaks. We operate for both residential and commercial areas with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Call us now to book an appointment! 

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