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Tips for Saving Water In Your Home

saving water in home

Tips for Saving Water In Your Home. Water is something most of us in the free world take for granted. In your daily life you use water to drink, bathe, clean things and heat.

You probably don’t think about it but potable water is a real issue for people around the country and doing your part to conserve how much you use goes a long way.

While there’s no arguing that long showers are relaxing, making a conscious effort to use water responsibly is not only healthy for the environment but saves you money as well.

There are countless ways to save water and we’ve listed our favorites below. They don’t take a lot of effort but go a long way in protecting our most precious natural resource.

The Smart Choice Tips for Saving Water In Your Home

If You’re Not Using it, Turn it Off

Think about the simple things you do every day that involve water. Whether it’s brushing your teeth or doing the dishes, it’s easy to make a habit of turning off the faucet while you’re brushing or drying the dishes. The amount of water this can save is incredible.

Run Your Dishwasher Only When it’s Full

How many times have you run your dishwasher when it’s still half empty? Sure, it’s tempting to just start it after you cook a meal but let’s be honest, it really isn’t that hard to only run it when it’s full. You’re not going to run out of forks.

Limit Your Time in the Shower

Everyone likes the feeling of warm water dripping on them. But is it really necessary to in there for 20 minutes? If you make it a point to be efficient while you’re in the shower, it shouldn’t take any more than a couple of minutes to get clean.

Upgrade Your Washing Machine

If you’re still using an old top loading washing machine, you’re wasting water. Old machines can use up to 170 liters of water in a single load whereas new washing machines use as little as half that amount. Though they can be expensive, installing a new washing machine will save water and cut down on your water bill every month.

Be Smart About Watering Your Yard and Plants

Maybe you have your sprinklers set on a timer. While this is convenient it can be a huge waste of water. If you take the time to carefully inspect which areas of your lawn really need water and water them by hand, you’ll be saving water.

Watering less often is a great idea too. If you cut down on your total number of water cycles but water more aggressively when you do, you encourage the root systems in both grass and plants to dig deeper and become healthier.

Use a Bucket When You Wash Your Car

If you wash your car by hand, you probably drag out the hose, spray it down, apply soap and rinse it off. It involves a little more time but if you simply fill a bucket with soapy water and scrub your car down by hand you drastically reduce the amount of water you use.

Go to the Car Wash

If you normally wash your car with a hose, you could be using up to 100 gallons of water every ten minutes. And if you feel like using a sponge and bucket of water is too much work then go to the carwash. All carwashes use a set amount of water each wash and the water is then recycled to conserve it. While it seems counterintuitive, going to the carwash actually helps save water.

Check for Leaks

Leaks can occur anywhere in your home from the kitchen sink to your toilet or outside spigots. Regularly inspecting your water fixtures and pipes for leaks is not only healthy for your plumbing system but saves water too.

Maintain Your Water Heater

Water heaters undergo a lot of wear and tear over the years and most people fail to maintain them properly. If regular maintenance isn’t performed, you can encounter a host of issues with one being your water taking longer and longer to heat up. The water you waste waiting for water to heat up is substantial. Maintaining your water heater not only saves water, but ensures that it’s always in working order and will last for years.

Even though water is a luxury most of us enjoy everyday without a second thought, there are others out there that don’t have access to clean water due to drought, shortage or contamination. If you make it a point to think about the water you use and take some steps to consume it responsibly, you’ll not only be making a difference for the environment, you’ll be saving yourself hard-earned money every month too.

Many of our plumbing features at home could be wasting water. There are more efficient products on the market to make your home more environmentally friendly. Contact the plumbing experts at Einstein Plumbing to improve your home’s plumbing features.