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Signs You Need a New Water Heater

Signs You Need A New Water Heater Einstein Pros Plumbing

Do You You Need a New Water Heater? Water heaters have an important role: it has to keep you at ease in your own home. Water heaters help make the morning routine better. I mean, imagine starting the day with a hot shower to energize your body. 

Not just showers, but chores like washing dishes, laundry, and even cooking can be made easier with water heaters. That is why having one is vitally essential to every household in America. 

But every investment has its limits. 

Signs That You Need to Change into a New Water Heater

Aging Model

Water heaters can live up to 15 years if maintained well over the years. Still, stretching your heater that long before giving it proper resignation will probably cost you a lot on repairs and maintenance. 

Keep the model in check. If you’ve had it for more than 10 years, it is probably time to get a new one. Symptoms of deterioration often appear earlier than a decade, but with regular troubleshooting and yearly flushing, you can probably get the most out of your investment. 

Water Discoloration and Foul Odor

Showering water should be crystal clear. No yellowish, not muddy, nor any other color. Among all these water discolorations, it is rusty water that you should be wary of. Having rusty water is an indication that there is decay inside the system of the water heater. 

Problems like these often make it harder for water to boil, and the time consumed is not cost-effective. 

This can also be a symptom of leaks. A leak in your water heater could be one of the most critical problems you may encounter with old models. Mostly for tanked water heaters, leaks can move around the house and destroy floors, ceiling, and walls. 


Over-time, water heater nodes can accumulate sediments that make water harder to boil. This leads to a lot of energy waste and limits the water heater’s capability causing a rumbling or a buzzing sound. 

This can also hasten the retirement of the model by weakening the nodes and valves inside the water heater. Issues like these can be critical to your safety as well. It is best to shut down the system and call a plumber immediately once you start hearing unusual noises from your water heater system. 

Einstein Pros offers a variety of services for old and new water heater including installation of tanked and tankless water heaters, general repair, and model replacement. Call us now to book an appointment

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