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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Options

Sewer Line

While other drain cleaning and maintenance tasks can be performed safely by your own, drain line repair and replacement works should always be done by a certified, professional plumber. That’s because any mistakes in the repair or replacement could cause even more leaks, clogging, and sewage back up.

Causes of Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

The replacement or repair of an entire sewer line or even just a section is seldom required when drain clearing efforts don’t work. These are the leading indicators that a repair or replacement work is needed:

  • Cracked, broken or collapsed pipe caused by shifting, settling or frost soil, heavy machinery on the ground above the pipe and many other reasons.
  • Line deterioration due to corrosion of an old pipe.
  • Roots in the line which causes the sewer to clog.
  • Grease buildup or a foreign object restricting the flow.
  • Leaks induced by cracked or poorly fitting pipe connections
  • Erosion is causing a portion of the sewer line to sink and break.

If you’re wondering how our Oregon plumbers, Washington plumbers, and Nevada plumbers can identify the problem and pinpoint its exact location? It’s by utilizing a Video Camera Line Inspection. It captures images, and at the same time, the camera records the physical position of the line and its depth from the ground so that proper repairs can be planned rightly and implemented. It results in a faster and less costly repair.

Traditional Sewer Line Repair / Replacements

Traditional is typically performed using a backhoe to dig up the area surrounding the line to allow easy access to the problem area. Once the sewer repair is done, the backhoe will be used to refill the area again. This method may be the only option at times depending on the condition of your pipes, their configuration, or where you live.

If you’re having problems with sewer line clogs or leaks in your Oregon home or office — our Bend plumbers, Eugene plumbers, Portland plumbers, and Salem plumbers are the professionals to go to. We also provide plumbing service in Washington — Bellevue plumbing, Spokane plumbing, Tacoma plumbing, Seattle plumbing, and Vancouver plumbing, and also plumbing Las Vegas.

When you hire us with sewer line inspection, repair or replacement, you can rest easy knowing that Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling specializes in traditional pipe repair and replacement. We have the years of experience doing plumbing, water heatersheating & cooling, and sewer & mainline services. Call us at 888-671-7767 or email [email protected] for a professional recommendation on what option best suits your needs and budget.

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