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Plumbing Tips To Consider Before Your Vacation

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Are you going on a vacation?

As you prepare the details of your trip, don’t forget to plan your home’s plumbing too.

Before you pack up the family and head out on your journey, there are a few steps you can take to secure your home is protected. By following these plumbing tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation knowing your home is protected from a plumbing disaster while you’re gone. Also, these will give you an opportunity to check on all the plumbing systems in your property; making sure you shut off valves work, you don’t see any signs of leaks or moisture or any other irregularities.

Before you start your vacation, take a look at the tips below to make sure your home is ready for ‘vacation-mode.’ We’ve collected a list of pre-vacation tips to prevent plumbing problems while you’re on an adventure.

1. Shut Off Your Water Supply

If you’re going to be gone for several weeks, consider turning off your main shut-off valve. By this, you’re not allowing any water to enter your home preventing busted pipe or your water heater from causing damage. If you decide to do this, guarantee you open up your faucets and drain the remaining water out.

2. Check your Appliances for Leaks

While you’re making the rounds and shutting off the valves of your water supply, don’t also forget to secure your bigger plumbing appliances. Take a minute to pull out the fridge and make sure none of your plumbing appliances and fixtures are leaking. You can also check your water heater and water softening systems. Inspect also your washing machine supply valves and supply lines for signs of damage or kinks that may lead to leaks. Give it a visual inspection to guarantee that there is no water on your floor or anything signs for leaks.

3. Prevent Odors from Happening

To save yourself from foul odors when you got home from your vacation just do yourself a favor and pour some ice cubes and cold water through your garbage disposal before you leave. It will drive any food particles down the drain so they can properly wash away. Also, make sure to empty your dishwasher and washing machine to prevent mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors, especially if you leave the doors open to air them out.

4. Inspect your Sump Pump

Make sure your sump pump in your home in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada are working appropriately and efficiently. If your sump pump isn’t in good condition and a strong storm comes around while you’re on vacation, you may come home to a flooded basement. Needing a repair or check-up in your sump pump, contact our professional plumbers in Oregon – Bend plumber, Eugene plumber, Portland plumber, Salem plumber, also in Washington, and Nevada.

5. Schedule a Thorough Inspection from a Professional

If you’re a homeowner in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding any disasters. Call in our plumbing services in Washington – Bellevue plumber, Seattle plumber, Spokane plumber, Tacoma plumber, Vancouver plumber, also in Oregon and our Las Vegas plumber and get a thorough inspection of all your plumbing, water heater, heating & cooling, and sewer & main line to guarantee everything is working flawlessly.

Through inspection, our expert plumbers will be able to find small problems and have them repaired before they turn into bigger problems. Let us keep safe of your house and plumbing system, call 888-671-7767 or email [email protected].

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