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Plumbing Problems: Plumbing Noises and their Causes?

plumbing noises

Are you hearing strange noises coming from your pipes?

One of the initial steps to take when diagnosing plumbing noises is to know whether the strange sound is occurring when your water is turned on or if it’s a result of draining water. If you’ve noticed a strange noise from your pipes or plumbing that’s causing you to worry, it’s a good idea to investigate possible causes and correct the issue.

Here we’ve compiled a list of reasons and solutions for strange plumbing sounds from your plumbing, so you can solve the noisy pipes and ensure your plumbing is functioning normally.

Plumbing Noises Causes

Hissing in the Sink

A hissing sound issuing from your fixtures is usually a sign that the water pressure too high. This can increase your water bill and stress your pipes over time. Having a pressure regulator installed can keep the pressure within normal levels.

Thud or Hammer

The notable thud when you turn off a faucet can be another sign that your pressure is too high. A regulator might help, as could installing shock absorbers or air chambers in the pipes. These tools compress when the water shuts off, cushioning the hammer effect.

Whistling from the Pipes

If your fixture whistles, that could mean the pressure is too low. Try turning your pressure regulator down, if you own one. A whistling sound can also indicate that there’s air or debris in the pipes. To fix this issue, turn off your main shut-off valve and run the faucet until you drain out all the water, then activate the valve again and see if that helps.

Rattle and Shake

Are you hearing your pipes rattling when you flush the toilet or otherwise drain out water? They might be physically loose. Test the fittings to detect any spots that aren’t properly secured, and tighten them up to quiet down the noise.

Trickling or Dripping

One of the major plumbing annoyances is a dripping faucet and a running toilet, and it also wastes gallons of water a day. Before you waste another drop, consider putting in a new washer or even installing a brand new faucet.

Gurgling Drains

Whenever you flush the toilet does your sink drain or shower drain gurgle? If so, this could mean that you could have one of the following problems:

While plumbing noises can change from annoying to alarming, with this guide, you can help identify those strange and unusual plumbing noises. From drain cleaning to fixture installations, water heaters, and more, Einstien Pros Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is here for you whatever the plumbing issue. We also provide a full range of water heater, heating & cooling, and sewer & mainline services in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada. Simply email us at [email protected], we’re always here to help you!

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