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If you need to get a toilet repaired in Salem, Oregon, we can help. Our plumbing contractors and technicians can take care of all your toilet repair, replacement, and installation needs.

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Toilet malfunctions and issues can get messy if left unsolved. Here are the most common toilet problems that can include: constant running water,  poor or failure to flush, clogging, sweating, and leakages.

You can always tell if there are toilet leaks if you notice continuous running water or faint hissing and trickling sounds. However, at times, it can be difficult to identify the source of the leak. The remedy for the leakage is sometimes a toilet reseating. 

There is a process of reseating a toilet correctly, and our skilled professionals can quickly handle this problem.

If your toilet has become unstable, the loose mountings are to blame. Mounting bolts hold the toilet in position by securing it tightly onto the toilet flange. 

This type of issue could be a result of loose or broken flange bolts or the flange itself. Again, a professional can assess the proper repair for this type of situation.

A loose handle or running toilet are also common problems we come a crossed.

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Toilet installation

Sometimes a new toilet installation is needed. 

This is typically when the homeowner has removed the old toilet, an addition or renovation has taken place, and a new toilet needs added or during new home construction.

Einstein Pros can tackle all of your new toilet installation needs. Contact Einstein Pros today to schedule an appointment regarding Toilet Repair Salem, Oregon.

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