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Your hot water heater is your home’s best friend. Without this handy system, you wouldn’t be able to take those wonderful warm showers or clean your dishes with hot water in the kitchen sink. And if you’ve invested in a tankless water heater, you’re probably even more thrilled with the convenience, small size, and easy maintenance that these state-of-the-art systems bring to your home.  

At Einstein Pros, our certified local plumbers have been offering tankless water heater services in Portland, OR, as long as these systems have been around. We know our stuff about this awesome new(er) technology, and we’re pleased to see that more and more area homeowners are making the intelligent choice by switching to tankless water heaters in Portland, OR. There are many benefits to going tankless — if you’re interested in upgrading today, schedule an estimate now with a team member! Otherwise, keep reading below to learn all about the different tankless water heater services in Portland, OR, that we provide.

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Upgrade Your Home With Tankless Water Heater Installation in Portland, OR!

Remember how we mentioned the benefits of tankless water heaters in Portland, OR? Here are just a few reasons why you should toss that big bulky tank in favor of a small, sleek new unit:

  • You’ll be more comfortable. Hot water will come out faster and instantly travel through your pipes, giving you your dream shower experience.
  • You’ll save space in your home. No longer will you have an unwieldy, unattractive water heater lurking in the corner of your basement or laundry room!
  • You’ll eliminate the dangers caused by traditional hot water heaters. When a standard tank leaks, it can flood your basement, scald children or pets, or cause foundational damage to your entire home. With a tankless unit, the risk of a leak is significantly lower — and the consequences are much less severe.
  • You’ll save money. Tankless water heaters use less water while also performing more efficiently. Your water bills will look totally different!
  • Your system will last longer. When the right professionals perform your tankless water heater installation in Portland, OR, and you keep up with maintenance, your new unit is guaranteed to last for years — without the structural and leakage issues that are all too common in the bulky tanks you’ve been dealing with your whole life.

Have more questions about ditching your old water heater? If you’re thinking about switching but need assistance choosing the right size or model for your home, our experts are always happy to help. Just say the word, and we’ll give you our honest opinion on what kind of tankless water heater suits your household.

Prevent Costly Catastrophes: Tankless Water Heater Repair and Maintenance in Portland, OR

Just because your tankless water heater doesn’t spill hundreds of gallons of water when it springs a leak doesn’t mean that tankless water heaters have no problems at all. While these newer, more advanced units are designed to last, any system can have problems, especially if it’s not regularly maintained. If it’s been a while since we took a look at your hot water heater, or you’re in need of a solution to a water heater problem, we’re always available for tankless water heater repair and maintenance in Portland, OR!

Here are a few reasons customers call us for tankless water heater service in Portland, OR:

  • Their tankless water heater is leaking
  • Their tankless water heater isn’t getting their water hot enough
  • Their tankless water heater is switching off and on erratically
  • Their tankless water heater doesn’t appear to respond to its controls
  • Their tankless water heater has been damaged, or there appears to be a wiring issue
  • Their tankless water heater is displaying mysterious error messages
Einstein Pros fixes leaking tankless water heater in Portland, Oregon

Replace Your System With Ease: Tankless Water Heater Replacement in Portland, OR

You may be surprised to learn that another common tankless water heater service in Portland, OR, that’s popular with homeowners is system replacement. If your existing water heater is too small or large for your home, has been having issues, or you’d simply prefer a different model, you can always rely on Einstein Pros for tankless water heater replacement in Portland, OR!

When our team arrives to replace your system, we don’t show up empty-handed. Our trucks serve as our “warehouses on wheels,” chock full of tools and components we use during every part of plumbing repair and installation. We’ll take out your old unit with ease and put a new one you’ve personally chosen in its place. Before you know it, the job will be done, and we’ll be on our way!

Is Your Tankless Water Heater Leaking? Portland, OR Plumbers Can Help!

Whether you’re thinking about an upgrade or your tankless water heater is leaking, Portland, OR‘s premier plumbers are ready to help with any and all of your water heater needs. We’re eager to help solve whatever problem may be occurring so that we can make your hot water heater your home’s best friend once again. Book tankless water heater service in Portland, OR, with Einstein Pros today or schedule a job estimate now. We’ll see you soon!

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