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Learn the Dangers of Gas Leak

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Your home in Oregon, Washington, or in Nevada is one of your most prized possessions, and you should take good care of it.

Routine maintenance of water heater, heating & cooling, sewer & main lines, and all electrical wiring needs to be performed professionally and on time. One such service that needs close attention is gas. It is one of the essential services in today’s day and age, be it for commercial or residential use.

Gas is used in appliances and heaters; it’s used when you cook, bath and as such. That’s why gas lines should be maintained properly, and ensure that a professional Oregon — our Bend plumbers, Eugene plumbers, Portland plumbers, and Salem plumbers are doing your gas line repair. As soon as one senses that there is a problem in the gas supply or worse, a gas leak. It is the duty of each property owner to protect their home and families from gas leaks and their risks.

Signs of Gas Leaks

Here are few things that are linked to a gas leak. If you notice any of these, call the plumbing services in Washington, our Bellevue plumber, Seattle plumber, Spokane plumber, Tacoma plumber, and Vancouver plumber will secure your home.

  1. Plant Health: By having plants inside of your home, you can detect gas leaks. Since it bears the brunt of the gas leak, it’ll start to wilt if leaks happen.
  2. Gas Odor: The foul smell of rotten egg inside the house in specific areas may be a sign of a gas leak, do not ignore it.
  3. Whistling Noise: If you hear any whistling noise in areas where gas pipes should be located, it might be possible that there is a gas leak in the area. If it is near any gas-fuelled appliances such as stoves or gas heaters, avoid using naked flame or smoking in this field because it might just cause an explosion.
  4. Act for Repair: The gas line repairs need to happen as soon as possible to stop further damage to the house and your family’s health. The repairing of pipes and gas lines can help in the prevention of damage from poisonous gases and reduce the risk of explosions. Repairs from plumbing Las Vegas involve shutting off the house gas supply for a limited period, while pipes and valves affected are repaired up to professional standards.

What to do when Gas Line Leaks?

Gas line leakage is rare to happen, but it can be hazardous. The natural gas buildup in an enclosed area can cause disease or even an explosion. You can detect if you have leakage when you smell a strong sulfuric, rotten egg odor. If ever you smell this distinctive odor in your home, follow these steps:

  • DON’T use your cellphone until safely out of the house.
  • SHUT OFF the gas valves at your home.
  • DON’T turn on or off any electrical appliances.
  • DON’T smoke or use any open flame.
  • DON’T attempt to locate the leak.
  • Get enough distance away from the house, then call 911 and your utility company.
  • If a natural gas line is damaged by backyard digging, immediately call your local utility company and do not attempt a gas line repair.

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