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7 Ways to Improve Air Quality & Make Indoor Air Safer to Breathe

Improve Air Quality

Improve Air Quality

How Safe is Indoor Air?

We often tend to think of air pollution as something only happening outside — smog or haze hanging in the air, notably in summer. And it’s not a surprise considering the concentration of motor vehicles, diesel generators, industrial byproducts, construction, and kitchen exhaust in and around the city.

We can’t help but wonder what it’s doing to our lungs, mainly if we have asthma or other breathing difficulties.

As individuals, we can take actions to improve air quality outdoors, but we may not see an instant payoff. Here’s an unexpected fact that you may not know: indoor air quality can be just as damaging to your health, and may even be more dangerous, than outdoor air.

Pollution and Improving Air Quality

Here are just some of the ways pollutants make their way into the air in your living and working space:

    • VOCs from carpeting, furniture, drapes, and upholstery
    • Paint and Varnishes
    • Insecticides and Cleaning Products
    • VOCs from electronics
    • Household products like hair spray, air fresheners, and other aerosols
    • Smoke
    • Pet Dander
    • Dust Mites
    • Mold from water leaks
    • Kitchen emissions from improperly vented stoves
  • Discharges and pollutants from outside come in through your outdoor AC unit and ventilation

As we can see, there are lots of harmful materials in the air that you don’t even realize we’re breathing in. The issue can increase with your HVAC system, which circulates the pollutants throughout your space.

7 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

1. Install The Right HVAC Filters

Most people think that regular air conditioners and furnace filters will eliminate contaminants and enhance air quality. The truth is, that these filters do nothing to remove pathogens, VOCs, and microorganisms that can negatively affect your health. Instead, install HEPA filters that are designed to improve air quality.

We can also install an air purifier system such as the Lennox Healthy Climate Air Purification System or the SolaceAir Indoor Air Quality Systems to ultimately protect our indoor air from harmful particles, bioaerosol, microorganisms, odors, and chemical vapors.

2. Don’t Forget About Other Filters

Make sure to change the filters in vacuum cleaners as well as clothes dryers. Also, always clean your kitchen vent hood screens and HVAC registers and vents to enhance air quality.

3. Utilize Cooking Vents

In your home or a commercial kitchen, never turn on the stove without using the exhaust fan. And always check the screen to ensure it’s not clogged with grease and debris.

4. Think Twice Before Opening the Windows

We tend to think that opening the windows can bring in fresh air. But the outside air, especially in Central Oregon, is loaded with hazy and smoky air because of the ongoing wildfires happening in the whole Western United States. Best to keep windows and doors closed all the time.

5. Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Airborne dust and other fine debris in the air can end up accumulating in your ducts. Cleaning clogged ducts regularly can help improve air quality and air conditioner performance thus saving you more money on maintenance.

6. Go for Green Cleaners

Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean around the house. Instead, use hot water and a little dish soap to improve air quality by avoiding VOCs.

7. Regular Maintenance of your HVAC system

If we think about it, all the air that we breathe indoors is circulated by our HVAC system. To improve indoor air quality, we should have our HVAC equipment regularly inspected and tuned up so that it’s working correctly.

Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling will have your HVAC serviced professionally. Our heating & cooling techs from Oregon, Washington, and Nevada will do maintenance works to improve your air quality; this includes cleaning and adjusting fans, cleaning indoor and outdoor coils, and checking for refrigerant leaks to eliminate the buildup of dirt and mineral scales. Water leaks that cause mold growth are avoidable when doing these steps. Leaks of harmful refrigerants and other air-circulating contaminants can also be prevented.

We also offer plumbing, water heater, and sewer & mainline services for all residential and commercial areas. Contact us at 888-671-7767, to guarantee your health and comfort!

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