HVAC Fall Furnace Maintenance Tips

It’s amazing how fast the time flies. Just a weeks ago you were probably running the AC, and now you’re probably thinking about turning on the heat. But not so fast! Have you completed your HVAC fall maintenance check up yet?

To keep yourself and your family comfortable and your system in great shape, now’s the time to learn some simple tips to keep your HVAC running at peak performance during the winter.

Filter. No matter the season, regular filter changes are the best way to keep your system running properly and keep your air as healthy as possible. At the very least, you should change your filter once before spring and winter season comes.

Leaves. If you have an air conditioner or heat pump on your property, make sure you keep your leaves and any debris away from the outdoor component to maintain proper airflow. Incorrect airflow can result in decreased performance and potential system breakdowns.

Thermostat. To lower your utility bills, either stick to your planned comfort schedule or if you don’t hold a programmable thermostat, set the temperature and leave it that way. Constantly changing the temperature can result in higher utility bills.

Indoor Clean-Up. Fall is another allergy season. It’s better to clean your indoor space to make sure that dust and allergens from outdoors aren’t living on your surfaces and lowering indoor air quality.

Maintenance. Ensure that you schedule maintenance with your local Oregon, Washington, and Nevada HVAC contractor. This is the best way to secure proper performance levels throughout the winter.

Here are the things your heating contractor will do during a fall furnace preventative maintenance appointment:

There’s a lot more to fall HVAC maintenance than you might expect, and we hope this HVAC maintenance tips can serve as an informative guide.

Remember, heating & cooling systems require the skills of a professional for proper installation, maintenance, and repairs. ALWAYS contact Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling at 888-671-7767 or email support@einsteinplumbing.com for an HVAC specialist for any furnace problems, we also provide plumbing, water heater, and sewer & main line services.

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12 thoughts on “HVAC Fall Furnace Maintenance Tips”

  1. I totally agree that regularly replacing or cleaning the air filter would certainly get your furnace up and running always. Regular maintenance of these filters would ensure that you indeed have clean air and will also reduce the probability of you having to pay for a repair. If I have my own furnace, I would definitely make sure to change the filters at least twice a year. Thanks.

  2. I think you make a good point about setting programmable thermostat. This can save you a lot if you go through the year like this. I will talk to my wife and make sure she doesn’t change it.

  3. I never knew that changing the temperature every so often can actually lead to higher utility bills. The weather has been rather chilly lately and we rely on our heater to keep ourselves warm. I don’t mind it breaking down all of a sudden because of how cold it is so I’d be sure to follow all of your tips moving forward. Getting it regularly inspected by a professional is also something that I should be doing to ensure the longevity of the unit. Thanks for the informative read!

  4. This is some really good information about saving money on your heating system. It is good to know that it would be smart to make sure that your thermostat is programmable. I am not sure if my heating system has a programmable thermostat. I should look into that.

  5. Thanks for these great tips! We are having our house remodeled and I was considering on including the heating systems to be upgraded. We are currently using a heating oil as our fuel and was thinking of using propane instead. Thanks for the great read!

  6. it’s the time of the year that we need to set aside the AC and turn up the heat.
    Good thing that I am able to see this article and got an idea on how to maximize the heating maintenance services and what to look for. For sure my wife will be glad about this because it will help us to save money.

  7. This is some really good information about furnace care. Since winter is coming up soon I want to make sure that my furnace will be ready to keep me warm. It does seem like a good idea for me to check the filters on my furnace before I turn on the furnace this winter.

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