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Common Household Fixture Issues during the Holiday Season

Common Household Fixtures Issues During the Holiday Season - Einstein Pros Plumbing & HVAC Services

The winter holidays are undeniably one of the busiest seasons of a year. It is a time of celebration, a time for reunion, and a time for festivity.

For a household that enjoys cooking and entertaining guests, this season is your household fixture’s worst nightmare. Especially for your kitchen system, the stress of keeping up with the holiday can take huge damage to them.

Household Fixture Issues during Holidays

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Common Kitchen Household Fixture Issues during the Holidays

Clogged Drains

Due to the heavy influx of water and food waste entering the drains towards the sewer line, there is a high chance of sediment build up in the drains and pipes.

Garbage Disposal Issues

Even if it is not the holiday season, there are food wastes that should never be poured down the disposer. We tend to forget this when we are busy in the kitchen.

Food wastes like bones, grease, and eggshells are only the common examples that you should not shred in the garbage disposal.

Water Pressure Issues

Since you are using the faucet countless times in a day, the adjustment of this fixture may loosen up a little allowing more or less water to come out the drain.

While it might sound like a minor problem, letting it stay as it can cause major damage to your kitchen fixtures and even lead to the replacement of the system.

Common Bathroom Household Fixture Issues during the Holidays

Clogged Toilets

Even if we are careful with the use of our bathroom fixtures, we cannot guarantee our guests to do the same. Kids, for example, tend to throw toys and small objects down the toilet, and other guests simply dispose of huge amounts of tissue papers and wet wipes there as well.

Having constant blocks on the pipeline can cause major clogging.

Leaks and Faucet Issues

Similar to the kitchen faucet, the bathroom faucet can also experience water pressure issues and even worse, leaks.

This occurs when the faucet is not properly used or when it is not being closed well.

Einstein Pros is a trusted plumbing company in Bend, Oregon that provides solutions for both kitchen and bathroom fixture problems including clogged drains, water pressure issues, and general repair. Call us now to book an appointment.

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