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Signs That It’s Time To Hire A New Seattle Plumber

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New Seattle Plumber Guide

Let’s face the truth. Everyone needs a plumber. From repairing a leaking faucet to replacing and installing a new toilet, there are many situations when you must hire a professional and certified plumbing contractor in Seattle, WA.

It’s not always simple to find a plumber you can depend on and so if your Seattle plumbing contractor is acting unprofessional, know when it’s time to move on with a new plumber. Here are some warning signs when hiring a Seattle plumber.

Remember, when it comes to your pipes, doing it right the first time is critical. You must be careful of contractors who:

  • Refuses to show you validation of business license or professional license
  • Lack of proof of liability insurance
  • Have no evidence of being bonded
  • Are limited in references or previous work project history
  • Use high-pressure sales methods, such as changing the price from one conversation to the next or demanding that an estimate is a today-only offer.
  • Provide estimates much lower than average
  • Ask for cash before the work is completed
  • Make excuses for not putting estimates or contracts in writing
  • Doesn’t possess necessary permits or abide by local building codes in Seattle
  • Request payment be made in his or her name
  • Only will work in the evening or weekends

Choosing A New Seattle Plumber

These are the red flags and can do some damage to you and your home. Let it go now and hire a credible professional instead. Think twice before hiring someone who is showing any of these characteristics.

When to Fire your Plumber

You will know it’s time to let your Seattle plumbing contractor go if you see any of the following:

1. Irresponsible Behaviour

Any actions by your plumber Seattle that put you, your family, and your home involved at risk should not be tolerated. Action such as the use of alcohol or drugs on the worksite is urged for immediate termination.

2. Inconsistent Work Flow

If your Seattle plumber fails to show up on scheduled workdays or is consistently late, try considering ending service with him as this will only continue to hurt you and your project. Having your plumbing project on schedule is a vital part of the success of your remodel or repair.

3. Too Many Excuses

Your chosen plumbing Seattle professional is supposed to be an expert in his field of work. If you begin to notice that your plumbing contractor is making more problems and failing to correct them, this may reason enough for firing him. Ensure your Seattle plumber is focused and committed to the tasks and not making excuses as to why something is not done properly.

4. Refusal of Signing a Contract

A contract is a legal agreement between you and your hired plumbing contractor in Seattle regarding all the details of the work that will be done, may it be bathroom remodeling or even fixing a clogged drain. If your chosen plumber refused to provide a contract or doesn’t follow the specific terms and conditions outlined in the agreement, it is not worth it to continue working with them.

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