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Halloween Plumbing Safety Tips

Halloween Plumbing safety tips

Halloween is on its way, and we can’t wait for it. There’s no harm to also think about your Halloween Plumbing Safety

Halloween is always a holiday favorite among both children and adults — planning costumes, decorating the house, and making favorite treats are all part of the fun. But with all the celebration and festivities, it’s essential than ever to take safety precautions for your home and your household. Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling enjoys the holidays and wants to ensure that everyone keeps safe throughout the next few periods of festivities. So before your household gets ready to celebrate, read through our list of plumbing safety tips for the spookiest day of the year.

Pumpkin Pulp

‘Tis the season for scary pumpkin carving. Sadly, it’s also the season for pumpkin pulp down the drain. Whether it’s in your sink drain or garbage disposal, pumpkin pulp clogs are a common problem during October. Families might think pumpkin pulp and seeds can go down the drain without a hassle, but this just isn’t the case.

Pumpkin pulp is a wet, sticky, and stringy substance containing seeds that can harden promptly, and when it does solidify, it turns into a gummy resin that can instantly clog pipes. Once it has plugged a drain, it is difficult to remove without help from a professional.

The best thing to avoid problems altogether is by just throwing away pumpkin guts into trash bins and never in the drains, toilets, or garbage disposals. You can also use a newspaper to clean the pulp as it is perfect for the compost heap, and you can roast the seeds for a healthy, sugar-free treat for kids.

Scary Noises at Night

Here’s a terrifying story: you head to your bed after watching a scary movie. Once you’ve wrapped up and comfortable, you hear it — an eerie loud, pounding noises in the night. They echo throughout the house, and it sounds like an intruder banging on your window or door. After an investigation, you discover that it’s your pipes! A few different reasons can be causing this plumbing noise. Usually, you’ll find out that your water pressure is set too high producing loud banging noises when water is turned on or off.

In more critical cases, loose pipes may also be to blame for the loud noises. If this plumbing problem left unidentified and repaired, it can cause flooding and other mishaps. That’s why you should immediately address these issues as soon you discover them.

Don’t Abuse Your Garbage Disposal

Planning to host a Halloween party? Make sure you pay attention to what your guests put down your garbage disposal to avoid any disasters. Mainly, if you’ll be cooking food or baking Halloween treats; remember that fats, oil, and greases NEVER belong in the garbage disposal or any drain. Only put small scraps left on plates on your garbage disposal.

Also with candy, candy wrappers, used make-up and cotton balls should not be thrown into the disposal, toilet, or sink. All trash should be in the trash can to prevent plumbing problems.

Electrical Safety

If your house or yard has several electrical components, be mindful of the safety hazards that they pose. Keep extension cords away from places where there will be foot traffic. Place your moving decorations a few feet away from the sidewalk, and safely away from trees, bushes and other things that might come into contact with it. If you are installing outdoor lights, make sure that they are weatherproof and more durable than designs created for interior use.

Halloween Safety Tips

Take the time to celebrate Halloween the safe way — and keep your little monsters away from danger during the creepiest month of the year. If you find that you need our services, even after taking precautions, we can help you with any plumbing, heating & cooling, water heaters, and sewer & mainline problem. When goblins clog your sink or toilet, call our professional Oregon, Washington and Nevada plumbing and HVAC experts at 888-671-7767.

We hope you all have a fun-filled Halloween! And always remember- plumbing emergencies can happen anytime, even on holidays! If you run into any of these plumbing scares, don’t hesitate to call the experts you can trust at Einstein Pros in Oregon, Washington and Nevada..

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