Drain Cleaning Guide in Boise Idaho

Drain Cleaning Guide in Boise Idaho
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Are you looking for tips that can be a Drain Cleaning Guide for you?

Do you want to avoid an emergency clog situation?

If your answer is yes, you can go through this worth 5 minutes read.

If you take a proactive approach to drain cleaning, it is very less likely that there occurs emergency clog situations or an emergent need to call a professional plumber. Though we are always ready to reach for your help anywhere in Boise Idaho, we want to have the best remedy at home.

We believe in helping homeowners in having healthy, cleaner, and hygienic living conditions. There are a lot of different ideas that can help in keeping drains clean but most people agree that usage of chemicals should be the last option.

Unwanted blockages are very common in kitchen drains. Food particles, soaps, fats, and grease go down the sink and cause clogging in the inner parts of the pipes. In the same way, bathroom sinks and bathtubs get clogged due to hair, grease, toilet paper, and grime.

These blockages need immediate attention as you might have major plumbing issues. Our experienced and skilled plumbers have the solution to all sorts of blockages. Whether there is old clogging or a recent one, we have the right supplies, the best equipment, and the latest machines.

In this blog, we bring in for you a Drain Cleaning Guide, that can help you in maintaining your drains and keeping them away from clogging.

By knowing how the clogs occur and what are remedies can be adopted to keep away blockages can be a good way to get guidance. Having the knowledge shared by our experienced plumbers can help you keep the drainage system of your house in working condition.

Below are a few tips that can help you in keeping Drains clean.

  • Kitchen grease: Do not dispose of liquid oil or leftover bacon grease in the kitchen sink. The used oil should be disposed of separately in the garbage.
  • Coffee grounds: Our plumbers mostly found coffee grounds clogged in pipes. They might seem small but do cause clogging.
  • Paper or Paper towel: You can flush toilet tissue but you must avoid paper, paper towels, cotton balls, stickers on products, or anything else made of paper. Paper, even in small size cause clogging in drains.
  • Fibrous foods: onions, celery, banana peels, beans, potato peels, carrots, chard, lettuce, poultry skin, kale, rinds, and corn husks are some examples of fibrous foods which should not go in drain. These foods get tangled in drains and cause clogging.
  • Nuts and nutshells: these are hard for disposal and can weaken the blades or even break the system entirely.

You should be cleaning drains and disposals at least once per month. It is wise to avoid caustic chemicals and if you do regular drain cleaning, you can avoid clogging. Taking out time to clean your drains on a regular basis is good for your drains and your health.