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DIY Plumbing: What Can You Do

DIY Plumbing What can you do? Einstein Pros Plumbing

Dealing with household fixture problems can be a hassle, and while there are those who are good around handyman work, DIY plumbing can be dangerous and can lead to more expensive repairs.

However, there are plumbing issues that almost anyone can deal with. Thanks to the age of technology, the Internet can provide guides and step-by-step procedures for plumbing.

Problems with DIY Plumbing Solutions

Common plumbing problems that can be fixed with DIY solutions are:


Clogging occurs when there is sediment build up in the pipeline where the water exits towards the sewer.

For kitchen fixtures, the debris that causes clogs includes food waste, grease, and oil. On the other hand, bathroom fixtures can be clogged by hair, children’s toys, and tissue paper.

To deal with clogging, you can use:

A home cleaning drain auger


Drain Blaster

Using chemicals and acid is not recommended in solving clogged drains. Chemicals not only melt away sediment build-up, but also the pipeline itself.

Especially for an old pipe or plastic ones, you could deal a lot of damage which could result in parts replacement.

Water Pressure Issues

Is the water coming out of the household fixture too strong or perhaps too weak? Our everyday routine works best if the sink or the shower is providing water based on your demands.

Fixing water pressure issues can be as simple as adjusting the valves to a complicated matter such as installing water pressure boosters.


Regular maintenance of household fixtures is a job anyone can do. Troubleshooting is important to avoid the problem from occurring as well as the lifespan of fixtures.

You do not need to do much work to clean household fixtures. Things like flushing water heaters, pouring hot water down the drain, and checking on the adjustment of your pipe connectors are all easy tasks you can do within minutes.

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