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Common Water Leak Repairs for Your Home

Common Water Leak Repair For Your Home Einstein Pros Plumbing

Common water leak from faucets, drains, and sewer lines can be a huge pain, and depending on the damage, leaks can vary accordingly from simple drips to floor floods.

Leaks can be caused by a variety of reasons such as the poor installation of household fixtures, aging of structure, sediment build-up, and even water pressure issues. 

Common water leak problems can easily be repaired within minutes to a few hours, but there are those that tend to take a long time to repair.

If you know your way around plumbing and have a good set of tools then you can work on a handful of problems on your own, but in most cases, it is best to let the experts do the job. 

One wrong tap can cause bigger problems to arise, costing you thousands more on a repair. 

Detecting Common Water Leak

One of the things you can do on your own or while waiting for a plumber to arrive is locating the source of the leak. This can save the plumber time and earn you the skill of understanding your own household fixture. 

Damaged Parts

Water leaks can come from different places, and not just from pipes and drains. It can also come from the ceiling, the walls, and beneath the floor. Symptoms of water leaks from these locations often come after the damage has been done. 

A simple way of knowing if there are water leaks from the household structure is by seeing drips, bubbles, or bloating around the material. Wood, for instance, would show obvious signs of water damage when the shade turns darker. 

For drains and pipes, locating leaks can be easier. Depending on the material, whether metal or plastic, leaks often start from the bottom part of slopes or at the connectors. For problems like these, DIY patching can solve the problem. 

General Repair

While it is still recommended to call an experienced plumber for problems like these, here are a few tips you should remember when doing DIY repairs.

Turn Off the Water System

It would be a problem if you suddenly knock off a pipe and water starts to fountain around the house. Shutting down the system can guarantee no water can come inside the house. Best keep a bucker nearby for water waste from drains and pipes. 

Keep Everything Dry

This can also help you detect where the leak is coming from. Water spread everywhere it can pass through. Keeping the entire area dry at all times can help you easily find the source of the problem. 

Hands Off!

If you don’t know what it is, and most importantly, if you don’t know what it does, do not touch it!

Plumbers often observe that big repairs are sometimes due to homeowners trying to fix the problem on their own. Tinkering around the wrong area can be devastating and can cause everything to fall apart. When in doubt, leave it to the pros. 

Einstein Pros provides quality service for common water leak issues from ceilings, floors, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Our team of experts is experienced in dealing with minor to immense leaks problems. Call us now to book an appointment.

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