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Water Leak Repair Services Camas, Washington

Water leaks can come from various sources inside the household water system. There are different causes for different fixtures, such as leaks from toilets would often be the result of clogging or high water pressure.

On the other hand, leaks from kitchen sinks would have sediment build up as a cause, while for showers— well, a shower leak could be dangerous, even fatal.

When dealing with problems like these, the first thing to do is shut down the water system and locate the main cause of the problem.

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Poor Installation

If you see no signs of deterioration, and the fixture is slightly new, then the problem could be the set-up, itself. Poor installation of fixtures, pipes, and other plumbing products is associated with recurrent problems.

Some connectors and pipes might not have been properly installed in the system, and because of frequent use, they may have loosened up some parts.

Clogged Pipes

Most especially for kitchen and bathroom fixtures, clogging due to sediment build-up is the most common cause of leaks.

Kitchen fixtures are prone to build up from food waste, oil, and soap. While bathrooms fixtures can have hair, oil, and even chemicals from bathing products.

Corrosion and Deterioration

Since water passes by these pipes every day, it is no surprise that one day, your system will start to age. While steel pipes can last up to five decades, poor maintenance of these fixtures can lead to their early retirement.

High Water Pressure

Having strong water pressure is good for cleaning cars, and in the laundry area, but this can also cause pipes and connectors to loosen and cause leaks.
Like they always say, too much of anything is good for nothing.

Broken Water Connectors

Mainly because of shifting, water connectors such as hoses and pipes become loose. For outside plumbing, symptoms include the forming of puddles and the appearance of running water on the ground.

Be cautious about leaks as they often lead to a more serious problem causing higher repair and even replacement expenses.

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