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Top Brands For Plumbing Tools and Fixtures

Top Brands for Plumbing Tools and Fixtures

Plumbing Tools Tip For homeowners who prefer to have DIY plumbing, you need to focus on two parts of the project: the tools you use and the fixtures you install. Your choice and budget will affect which brands are best for you. So before you stand in the aisle scanning all your options, it helps to have some knowledge of the kinds in front of you — beyond what you’ve seen in commercials. The best choice will serve you well, for both your current and future projects to come.

It’s vital to have the right plumbing tools and fixtures to take care of and improve your home. However, many plumbing DIY projects need tools and materials that are uncommon for everyday-DIY home projects, so it helps to have some guidance when taking the plunge. Here are some favorite brands and commonly used tools to get you started:

Best Tool Brands

  • Milwaukee – $$$
    The name Milwaukee is a favorite among plumbing contractors. Despite the higher price rate, many homeowners also prefer to use Milwaukee because of the brand recognition and reputation. It’s also commonly used by industry professionals because they are well-made, lightweight, and have a powerful effect.
  • Ridgid – $$
    Ridgid makes great power tools. They are well-known for their budget-friendly selection, a great option for occasional use and those who enjoy DIY work.
  • Runners-up: Knipex – $$$, Dewalt – $$

But, if you don’t think you have the right tools and knowledge for the job, it’s best to leave it to a professional with the proper equipment and experience for your project.

Having a reliable, high-quality toolkit will help you make your home improvement projects faster and easier. Now that you can identify what tool brands to look for at your local hardware store, here are some of the top fixture brands to have in your home.

Best Fixture Brands

  • Moen – $$$ Moen has generously contributed to the high standard set in the plumbing industry. With its 25 years in the market, they continue to produce products that last a lifetime and are highly recommended by plumbing professionals. You can find Moen tools in most home improvement stores.
  • Hansgrohe – $$$$ Best for high-end shower heads and faucets, Hansgrohe is known for its quality and modern design. Expect less availability at hardware stores, but a style with longevity.
  • Runners-up: Delta – $$, Kohler – $$

The brand you choose for your project will significantly affect the overall functionality and aesthetic of your bathroom or kitchen project. The names above were selected because of their high standing reputation throughout the industry and the reliability of their high-quality products.

DIY Plumbing Tools

For simple fixes and DIY-able repair, these essential plumbing tools will help you be ready to manage just about any simple plumbing problem that comes your way.

  1. Basin Wrench
  2. Flange & Cup Plungers
  3. Hand Auger (plumber’s snake)
  4. Adjustable Wrench
  5. Tongue & Groove Pliers
  6. Pipe Wrench
  7. Metal File
  8. Hacksaw
  9. Tubing cutter
  10. Plumber’s Tape

Your DIY project shouldn’t be complicated when you have the right tools, fixtures, and knowledge for the job. Remember to do your research first and compare equipment based on price, value, and warranty. Don’t go over budget and think you need the highest quality, highest priced tools. Hence, you can complete many DIY plumbing projects with lower-priced items. As always, make sure to research your plumbing project and review your budget to know what you’ll need and what you’re willing to spend.

But if along the way of your plumbing project you are unsure of what to do and wants a professional help, then contact Einstein Pros. A licensed and experienced plumber in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada can assure you that your project will be successful, which can help you avoid future repairs and emergency fixes. You can also rely on them in water heaters, heating & cooling, sewer & mainlines, and other plumbing services. Call today at 888-671-7767.

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