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Best Steps To Get Your Water Heater Ready for Fall and Winter

Water Heater for Fall and Winter

Water Heater Maintenance: Tips to Get Your Water Heater Ready for Fall and Winter.

If you’re living in Central Oregon, maintaining your water heater should be an important step as the season change.

Not only it’ll help keep your water heater working efficiently for long as possible, but it can also contribute to providing you with comfort and help you lower your energy costs when they usually go up.

Follow these five tips to get your water heater ready for fall and winter and get through the cold season without any stress.

1. Flush the Tank

Regularly removing all of the water from your water heater’s tank will help eliminate any sediment and precipitated minerals that may be present in the water in your tank.

It causes blockages in the tank and also speeds up the process of corrosion. Cleaning the tank improves the longevity and ensuring it works reliably all year long.

To drain your tank, follow these steps:

  • Switch off the water heater’s power supply.
  • Run hot water for 10 minutes or so.
  • Shut down the faucet and turn off the cold water valve on your tank.
  • Attach a garden hose to your tank.
  • Drain the extra water in the tank into a floor drain.

2. Test the Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve protects the tank from combusting in extreme situations. Annually checking your pressure relief valve will ensure that it always works correctly and hasn’t become clogged.

Checking the valve is easy. All you need to do is gently lift the lever, and if a few warm glasses of water spill onto the floor through the discharge tube, the valve is working correctly.

3. Adjust the Temperature

If you have issues with cold water during the winter months, then your unit may be struggling to heat your water sufficiently in the winter.

A simple way to adjust this and eliminate cold stings in your shower is to turn up the tank’s temperature by 5-10 degrees during the freezing parts of the year.

4. Inspect the Anode Rod

Your anode rod located inside the water tank is responsible for preventing the tank from rusting the inside out. These rods are essential for ensuring your water heater lasts longer.

If your rod is looking worn out or the tank starts to rust from the inside, then it should be replaced immediately.

5. Insulate your Pipes and Tank

Protect your pipes to keep them from freezing and breaking by insulating your tank, and it’ll help contain the energy and save money on your water heating bills. Simple sleeves are available for most major water heater brands to insulate them and keep them warm in the fall and winter weather of Central Oregon.

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