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Avoiding Plumbing Issues During Winter

Avoiding Plumbing Issues During Winter Season in Oregon

The winter season is a beacon for plumbing issues. Even without doing anything to stress your household fixtures, the cold weather can do a lot of damage on its own. 

Knowing how to prepare and manage the issue during this season can greatly affect your chances of avoiding expensive bills on repairs. 

Prevention Tips of Plumbing Issues during Winter

Pre-winter Preparation

The best defense is a good offense. Before the cold season even approaches, the best thing to do is to check the health of your household fixtures especially your water heater, drains, radiators, and pipes. 

If there are any signs of ineffectiveness such as water heater issues, slow draining, clogs, and leaks, then you need to address the problem immediately. Prolonging the solution can lead to devastating effects during winter. 

Many homeowners find themselves paying thousands in repair and parts replacement because of this small precautionary step.

Prepare Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures

Outdoor faucets are prone to drips and leaks due to adjustment issues. During winter, faucets with drips and leaks are prone to freezing causing a burst within the pipes. 

Even an exposed hose can be damaged during a blizzard. Make sure you store them well before winter. 

Frozen Pipe Problem

Frozen pipes are common issues during winter; however, what most homeowners don’t know if they can prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. 

If you feel that there is a frozen pipe, simply turn off the water supply to stop the valve. Then, using a warm towel, put it around the exposed pipe to melt the remaining water. 

Finally, to avoid expensive repairs, make sure to call a plumber to protect the damaged pipeline.

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