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Avoid Bathroom Remodeling Nightmare

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Bathroom Remodeling Guide

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom? Bathroom Remodeling does not only add greater usability and style to your home but can help increase property values when you decide to sell it. Engaging in a new bathroom can be exciting, but you don’t want your fun to be spoiled by plumbing issues.

If you’re thinking to have a bathroom remodeling, planning can save you from plumbing nightmares. Keep an eye out for these five problems that could derail your bathroom renovation before it starts.

1. Don’t move the plumbing.

If you are doing a remodel, put your fixtures where you have existing water and sewer pipes to avoid having to rethink your whole piping layout. Put your sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs in the same locations as they are in your existing bathroom, this will save you from a plumbing nightmare and money. Need assistance in your bathroom remodeling, contact our Bend plumbers, Eugene plumbers, Portland plumbers, and Salem plumbers, and also in Washington and Nevada plumbing quickly.

2. Not all fixtures are for your bathroom.

Wanting to increase the size of your tub with a jet tub or adding a double sink for a new ‘his and hers’ bathroom, before buying make sure first that these fixtures fit your space. Plan out the space of your bathroom beforehand. Take measurements and the areas that you plan to place countertops and fixtures to confirm your new fixtures will fit.

3. Watch out for Molds.

Before beginning a bathroom remodel, always look for signs of mold. When plumbing fixtures like showers and sinks develop leaks, mold can start to grow underneath the fixtures and behind the attaching walls. If you want to update your current fixtures, it’s best to have a professional Oregon plumber, Washington plumber, or Nevada plumber inspect the mold underneath them and behind the attached walls.

4. Make your bathroom remodel appropriate for its usage.

You might have an excellent idea for a beautiful bathroom, but who will use the bathroom? One thing to consider is who is going to use your bathroom; do you need child-friendly plumbing fixtures or appliances or are you creating a bathroom for a senior parent. You might want to consider walk-in tubs and wider spacing to make it easier for access in the future. Our services for Bellevue plumbing, Seattle plumbing, Spokane plumbing, Tacoma plumbing, Vancouver plumbing, and Las Vegas plumbing will promptly help you design the bathroom that perfectly suits you.

5. Installing a new tub or shower is not an easy task.

There is more to replacing the old tub and installing it with a new one. A plumber can assist you with the specifics of making sure you have correct connections for your hot and cold. You also what to be sure you have the right slope to your tiled floor in your shower. And of course, don’t forget about waterproofing your tile tub surrounds and shower.

Hiring a professional with expertise in bathroom remodeling can result in your new bathroom functioning precisely with a high value-added to your home for many years to come. Einstein Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling have plumbers available throughout Oregon, Washington, and Nevada to consult with you about your bathroom remodeling project. Whether you need plumbing, water heaters, heating & cooling, and sewer & main lines, our plumbers are ready to help make your project successful.

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