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Anatomy of a Water Leak: How and Why the Drips Begin

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Water Leak Guide

Drip, Drip, Drip.

Leaks can damage your home, waste your water and money, and encourage unwanted organic growth. Unfortunately, most of the pipework in your home is not always easy to see, and you may not notice that a leak has already formed. One of the best ways to secure your home from future leaks is to understand and look for familiar situations that cause leaks to develop.

There are several reasons why a seemingly perfect pipe today, will start leaking tomorrow. Some of the reason are:

1. Loose Hose

The main culprit in various water leak incidents is just a loose connection in the discharge hose or the hose attached to the main intake valve on an appliance. Naturally, you may see or hear a light leak, which can quickly be fixed by tightening the fitting on the hose to fasten it to the washer or dishwasher. If the hose has broken or you’re unable to reattach it, don’t hesitate to call a professional from our plumbing service in Oregon — Bend plumbers, Eugene plumbers, Portland plumbers, or Salem plumbers, we’re here to help you.

2. Broken Fitting/Seals

The fittings and seals on your PVC or copper plumbing pipes throughout your home can become loose or deteriorate over time. Rust will build up, and fluctuations in heat can lead to significant wear. A cracked fitting can cause plumbing lines to break, which leads to water loss and flood damage. If this occurs, shut off your main water valve quickly and contact our professional Washington plumbers — Bellevue plumbers, Seattle plumbers, Spokane plumbers, Tacoma plumbers, and Vancouver plumbers to repair the line.

3. Cracked PVC

A simple crack in your PVC plumbing can lead to drips and a visible decline in water pressure. These sorts of breaks can be caused by overall tear and wear or problems including the pipes under your bathroom or in your sink. Because water is pressurized as it travels through your pipes, it can make a hole larger rather immediately. It can start water damage and mold growth. Having it repaired as soon as possible keeps hidden areas under your sink and crawled space dry and odor-free.

4. Clogged Drain

These are seemingly unavoidable in any household. Some clogs, though, can lead to overflowing or burst pipes. Cases like an obstruction in air handler drain pans or your gutters often result in serious water damage. Ask your Las Vegas, Nevada plumber, Oregon plumber, and Washington plumber to unblock your drain and repair the cracked pipe to restore flow back into the line.

5. Bad Workmanship

Hiring an unqualified plumber or doing the work yourself when you are not quite sure what you are doing can let water leakages in your plumbing. Joints are not done right or tight enough, inappropriate use of material, or you can cause a different issue while repairing one and didn’t notice it.

If you detect a leak or hear dripping sounds, call our plumbing service in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada immediately at 888-671-7767 or email us at [email protected]. Our professional plumbers can troubleshoot plumbing, water heaters, heating & cooling, and sewer & mainline problems and repair them accurately. Early discovery can also save you from a plumbing disaster.

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